What a Marquise Diamond Says About You: 

A marquise diamond is a timeless and elegant diamond shape that has been around for centuries. It's an iconic symbol of luxury, sophistication, and power - so it goes without saying that anyone who wears one must have these qualities too! If you're the proud owner of a marquise diamond, here are some things it might say about you.

It's a Romantic Stone with an Interesting History:

The word "marquise" is derived from French and refers to the wife of a marquis (nobleman) – also called a marchioness. A noblewoman or marquise (marchioness) is also a woman of great social standing in her own right.

The breathtaking Marquise-cut diamond, sometimes called a navette shape diamond, dates back to 18th century France. King Louis XV ordered royal jewelers to cut diamonds to mimic his lover's lips, Marquise de Pompadour.

The Basics: What is a Marquise-Cut Diamond?

The captivating marquise-cut diamond has an eye-catching boat-like shape, featuring two pointed ends and 58 facets - the same as a classic round brilliant or cushion cut. This stately stone is set apart by its striking 1.85 to 2.00 ratio that gives it almost double length than width, creating a stunning visual effect!

The Benefits of a Marquise Diamond Ring:

The marquise diamond, a variant of the round and pear-shaped diamonds, accentuates long and slender fingers gracefully - much like the diamond oval. The long-thin body and pointed ends draw the eye up, so your fingers will look longer and slimmer when you're sporting a marquise stone in your engagement ring.

Another benefit of a marquise diamond ring is that this diamond shape's elongated body gives the illusion of a larger carat weight. So you'll be able to buy the same carat weight and have your stone appear larger than someone who purchases a round brilliant diamond.


What it Says About You:

A marquise diamond is truly a remarkable choice for any ring and says a lot about you. It shows you are someone who has exquisite taste, high standards, and an eye for beauty. You recognize the unique qualities of this shape and appreciate its graceful curves that come to a point at both ends like the bow of a ship.

You appreciate the romantic story behind it, and you understand that it has been around for centuries - you are someone who appreciates history, quality, and luxury. All in all, choosing a marquise stone means you are knowledgeable, intelligent, and have impeccable style!

What Is Your Setting Saying?

While choosing your diamond shape and ring setting should ultimately come down to your personal choice, the combination of your setting with a marquise cut stone can add further insight into what type of person you are. For example, a simple marquise solitaire setting implies that you are a traditionalist with timeless taste.


Marquise cut diamonds have inherent drama; the pointed ends make for an interesting and dramatic finish to the soft rounded center. Because of this, the marquise shape is especially exquisite when displayed in classic, solitaire, and halo settings. A classic, solitaire, or halo setting means you have a traditional style rooted in sophistication and elegance.

Conversely, if you choose an engagement ring with a modern setting like a pavé or bezel, you are a trendsetter who likes to stand out from the crowd. In contrast, a vintage marquise ring shows that you have an appreciation of history and understand the beauty of classic design. A vintage marquise ring also shows that you are willing to take risks, not following the traditional rules of engagement and wedding jewelry.

If You Have a Mixed-Shape Ring:

A mixed-shape ring with marquise diamonds demonstrates your appreciation for both classic elegance and contemporary trends. You are confident enough to go against the grain and create your own version of a timeless classic.

If you are drawn to a ring with alternating round and marquise diamond stones, it shows that you have a sense of balance and harmony. You know how to mix the right amounts of tradition and modernity, boldness and subtlety, in order to create something beautiful.

If you are drawn to a mixed-cut ring with rounds, marquise, and other shapes like emerald or princess cuts, then this shows that you are creative, open to experimenting, and have a keen sense of design.


From its timelessness to the drama of its pointed ends, a marquise diamond ring is a unique and exquisite choice. It speaks volumes about your taste, style, and appreciation of beautiful things. Whether you choose a simple solitaire setting, a pavé design, or something in between, the marquise cut is guaranteed to add striking beauty to your look. Thanks for reading!