Q: Is your site secure? 

A: All payments are processed by PayPal, which keeps your information secure by using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. 


Q: What kind of payments are accepted?

A: Bonheur Jewelry offers the below payment options at checkout: 

  1. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards
  2. Apple Pay
  3. Google Play
  4. Meta Pay
  5. Paypal Express Checkout
  6. Klarna


Q: How can I make sure my order was processed?

A: Once an order is placed by the customer, we automatically send out an order confirmation e-mail to confirm their purchase.

Q: What if an item is out of stock? 

A: Occasionally, Bonheur Jewelry does accept backorders. All orders are processed in a timely manner. The exact shipping time depends upon the item and quantity requested.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about my order? 

A: Please contact You may also contact customer service by calling 1-646-522-1697