How to Measure Hoop Earrings

Do you love hoops but have no idea how to measure hoop earring size? Well, you're in luck! This quick and easy size guide will teach you everything you need to know about measuring hoop earrings.

First, Why Measure Hoop Earring Size?

It's important to know the size of your hoop earrings because they need to fit both your ears and your overall style. Hoop earrings come in all sorts of sizes, from small and delicate to large and statement-making. The right hoop size can really elevate your look, but only if they're the right size for you.

Do you have a pair of earrings that you love? If so, great! You can use those as a starting point. Just jot down the diameter of the hoop (from one end to the other), and you'll have a good idea of what hoop size you're looking for.

1. Measuring Hoop Earring Diameter


-A Ruler Or Measuring Tape

-A Pair Of Hoops


Hoop earring size can be measured by its 2 diameters: inner diameter and outer diameter. We suggest using inside dimensions to calculate with, as other outer measurements fluctuate depending on how thick the hoop earrings are.

1. To start, grab a ruler or measuring tape and lay it down flat, then take your hoop earrings and place them on a ruler (with the millimeter side up) so that the bottom of the hoop rests on the zero mark.

2. Once you have your earrings in place, jot down the distance from the bottom of the inside hoop to the top; this number is the inside diameter of your earrings!

2. Measuring Hoop Earring Circumference

Once you have the earring diameter, you can calculate the circumference. The circumference is the distance around the outside of the hoop. Simply multiply the diameter by 3.14 (pi) to find the circumference.

If you want to get precise measurements, you can also measure the circumference of your hoops. To do this, wrap the measuring tape around the outside of the hoop and note the hoop earring size.

Why Should You Measure Hoop Earring Thickness?

The first and most obvious answer is because it's important to know the dimensions of your hoop earrings! If you're planning on wearing them every day, you'll want to make sure they're comfortable and not too bulky. Plus, measuring the thickness of your hoops will give you a better idea of how strong they are and how long they'll last.

But there's another reason to measure hoop earring thickness, and that's because it can affect the way they look on you. If you have thicker hoops, they'll tend to stand out more, while thinner hoops will be more subtle. And if you're undecided about what size hoop to get, measuring the thickness can help you make a decision.

3. Measuring Hoop Earring Thickness

The thickness of hoop earring is the width of the wire, typically measured in millimeters (mm). 


-A caliper, or find a ruler - preferably with millimeter markings (inches will work as well, but millimeters are more precise).

-A pair of hoops


1. Start by laying your hoop earring on a flat surface.

2. Then, take your ruler or caliper and place it on top of the hoop earring.

3. Finally, measure the distance from one side of the hoop earring to the other; this number is the thickness of your hoop earrings!

4. Remember that the average gauge for a hoop earring is about 1.5mm; however, some hoops may be thicker or thinner depending on the style.

How To Use A Caliper:

A caliper is a precision measuring tool that is used to measure the gauge on a hoop earring (or anything else). Calipers are very easy to use - place one side of the caliper on one side of the hoop and the other side on the other side of the hoop. Then, read the measurement on the caliper. This number is the thickness of your hoops!

There are many different types and styles of calipers, but they all work in essentially the same way. For example, some calipers may have digital readouts, while others will have analog dials. Either way, using a caliper to measure the thickness of hoops or hoop earring sizes is a quick and easy way to get precise measurements.

How To Get An Accurate Read On A Caliper:

If you want to get an accurate read on your caliper, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure that the jaws of the caliper are clean and free of any debris. Then, zero out the caliper before taking your measurement. To do this, simply press the reset button on the side of the caliper.

How To Convert MM To Inches

If you're not sure how to convert millimeters (mm) to inches, don't worry! It's easy to do with a little bit of math.

Here is an earring size chart for approximate millimeters to inch conversion.

  • 7 mm = 0.28 inch
  • 8 mm = 0.31 inch
  • 9 mm = 0.35 inch
  • 10 mm = 0.39 inch
  • 11 mm = 0.43 inch
  • 12 mm = 0.47 inch
  • 15 mm = 0.59 inch
  • 18 mm = 0.7 inch

Comparison: Hoop Earring Sizes

Use our earrings size chart as your reference, and check out the size options below to find the right hoops for you!

  • 18mm hoop earrings are tiny hoops typically the size of a penny. 18mm hoop earrings are perfect for cartilage piercings and first-time hoop wearers!

  • 22-24mm size hoops are tiny hoops about the size of a nickel, perfect for everyday wear.

  • 26-28mm hoop earrings are about the size of a quarter, ideal for lobe piercings.

  • 30-32mm hoop earrings are small hoop earrings about the size of a half-dollar.

  • 35-38mm hoop sizes are small hoops about the size of a silver dollar.

  • 50mm hoop earrings are approximately 1.968 inches. 50mm hoop earrings are medium hoops similar to the size of a lemon.

  • 63-65mm hoop earrings measure 2.48 to 2.56 inches. 63-65mm hoop earrings are large hoops comparable to the diameter of a soda can.

  • While 73-75mm larger hoops are the size of a baseball, these larger hoops are a style statement.

Why Should You Measure Hoop Earring Weight?

There are a few reasons you might want to know the weight of your hoop earrings. Maybe you're trying to be more mindful about the jewelry you wear and want to make sure your hoops are on the lighter side. Or, perhaps you're simply curious about how much metal is actually on your earlobes!

Whatever the reason, here's a quick and easy guide on how to measure the weight of your hoop earrings.

How To Measure The Weight Of Hoop Earrings

The weight of hoop earrings is measured in grams (g). To determine the weight of your hoop earrings, you will need a digital scale.


-Digital Scale

-A Pair Of Hoops


1. Start by turning on your digital scale and placing it on a flat surface.

2. Then, take your hoop earrings and place them on the scale.

3. The weight of your hoop earrings will be displayed on the screen in grams.

4. Keep in mind that the average weight for a pair of hoop earrings is about 10 grams; however, some hoops may be heavier or lighter depending on the style.

Wrapping Up

That's all there is to measuring hoop earrings! With this knowledge, you'll be able to find the perfect hoop earrings based on your measurements and our handy size chart. Hoop earrings are a versatile and fashionable accessory, so don't be afraid to experiment with different hoop earring sizes and shapes. Have fun!