Abrielle Bezel Bracelet

$ 159.00

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  • Available in 18K Yellow Gold, Rose, Or Rhodium Over Sustainable Brass
  • Hinge Cuff Bracelet
  • Stone Type: Swarovski Stones
  • Stone Cut: Square, Round, Baguette
  • Stone Setting: Bezel


The Abrielle Bezel Bracelet boasts an array of sparkling princess cut, round, and baguette Swarovski crystals intricately wrapped around your wrist in solid, sustainable brass. These crystals are meticulously arranged to create a dazzling display that captures and reflects light from every angle, ensuring that your wrist is wrapped in a cascade of sparkling light.


This stunning hinged cuff bracelet is available with an electroplating finish in three stunning options: the radiant warmth of 18k yellow gold, the soft, romantic hue of rose gold, or the sleek and modern appeal of rhodium plating. Each option offers a high-gloss finish that enhances the bracelet's visual appeal and provides a long-lasting shine that preserves its beauty over time.


18k Gold Plated Sustainable Brass

Our 18k gold-plated brass jewelry is crafted for lasting beauty and brilliance. Each piece is finished with a thick layer of 18k gold, ensuring a durable shine that stands up to everyday wear. 

Swarovski Crystals

Our Swarovski crystals are meticulously procured from suppliers committed to conflict-free and sustainable practices. We ensure that each crystal is ethically sourced, supports environmentally friendly methods, and fair labor conditions.


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