Which is Better Gold or Silver?

 Micron Plated vs Electroplated Jewelry


One question that is often asked by people considering whether or not to buy jewelry is whether gold or silver is best for their needs. Of course, it depends on the kind of jewelry being purchased and use for said piece. While there are other precious metals such as platinum and palladium, this article will focus on the differences between gold and silver.


Gold jewelry is more durable than sterling silver jewelry. Gold doesn’t tarnish and its surface is more scratch-resistant. However, both gold and silver are durable, precious metals. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent metal alloy. This metal alloy mixture makes sterling silver durable enough for everyday wear.


In terms of which metal is better for jewelry, gold is more expensive because of rarity but silver is a great budget-friendly option for jewelry.


Whether you choose sterling silver jewelry or gold jewelry, they both require cleaning regularly. Gold & silver jewelry are cleaned with a gentle soap and water mixture or polished by using a gentle cloth.


People traditionally wear gold or silver jewelry depending on what complements their skin tone: people with warm-colored skin look best in gold, while people with cooler-colored skin look best in silver.


Another quick way to find the right jewelry is to match it with what you're wearing.

Gold jewelry often looks great on outfits featuring rich earth tones and gemstone colors. Gold is the perfect metal to wear if you are wearing a lot of browns, emeralds, cranberry or navy hues. If you wear cool colors like mint green, baby blue, lavender or pale pink then it best to opt for silver jewelry.

If you are wearing all black you can choose either silver or gold jewelry because both metals will stand out against black clothing. If you’re going for an all white look, definitely go for a lot of gold since silver can easily get lost in the ensemble.


In conclusion, gold and silver are both great metals for jewelry. It is best to decide what metal you want based off price, durability or outfit choice.