Which Finger Do You Wear A Signet Ring On?


What ring finger do you wear a signet ring on? Answer: It's often worn on the pinkie finger on the non-dominant hand, so, if you're right-handed, the signet ring goes on the left pinkie. Traditionally, many women avoid wearing a signet ring on their wedding finger, so a signet ring on the pinkie is a suitable substitute.  

If you are right-handed, try wearing your signet ring on your left pinkie for a day to see what it feels like. If you are left-handed, try the right pinkie instead. Examine how well the grip feels against your other fingers. The most essential aspect is your comfort level. You don't want to put it on a finger that will cause you discomfort.

Also, consider the fact that your pinkie is a highly visible finger. If you wear a signet ring on your pinkie, it will not wear as a subtle accessory. It will grab peoples' attention, which may or may not be what you want. For example, you might want to wear your personalized signet ring during an interview, but you might not want people asking about it. It's best to ask yourself how hidden you want the ring to be before deciding on a finger.

If you want to wear your personalized signet ring on a more concealed finger, it's best to opt for the ring finger. However, be sure not to wear it on the same hand as your engagement and wedding rings. This will just cause confusion and require more explanations than necessary.

If you want to go for a more concealed look, choose the middle finger. The drawback of wearing a signet ring on the middle finger is that it might get in the way during handshaking and other gestures involving interaction with others.

Likewise, although it's possible to wear a signet ring on pointer fingers, it might get in the way when you use your pointer fingers for activities like pointing at something or holding small objects. Pointer fingers are also the most fragile, so if you wear your personalized signet ring on this finger, make sure you are careful.

For most people, a thumb is too big for a signet ring. You can definitely try it out if you want to, but just be aware that the fit might feel awkward and uncomfortable. Thumb signet rings are usually reserved for people with larger hands.


Final Thoughts


The best way to determine which finger is best for you is simply through trial and error. Try wearing it on all of your fingers to see what feels best. Also consider the benefits of having your signet ring on your dominant vs. non-dominant hands There are so many factors to take into account, which is why it's best to try things on before deciding for good.