The French Girl Style Guide

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What is French chic? Like women the world over, we have a long-standing obsession with French girl magnetism. From the simple (yet insanely chic) way the French Parisian dress to their easy-going approach to beauty to that inimitable 'je ne sais quoi' we try our best to recreate.

Practically speaking, French wardrobe staples are just that: timeless, well-fitted staples. Think black pants, classy skinny jeans, menswear-inspired blazers, crisp white blouses and high-quality sweaters. As a matter of fact, think high-quality everything. Just as French fashion is well-constructed and made to last, so is nearly every element of a French woman’s wardrobe including jewelry.

How To Wear Jewelry Like A French Woman

If you glanced inside a French woman’s jewelry box, what, exactly, would you find? Chances are there would be a few everyday essentials you’d discover. Parisian women have a thing for minimalistic jewelry that you never have to take off.

Dainty gold jewelry staples fused into their wardrobes as seamlessly as a plain white T-shirt or the perfect pair of skinny jeans. But just like French girl style, it's less about what you wear and more about how you wear it. In French fashion, jewelry is not something to be reserved for special occasions or carefully tailored to your OOTD. Instead, they're style staples that are never taken off, acting less like accessories and more like a second skin.


French Jewelry Style

A. Thin Stacking Rings

A hand styled with gold and silver stacking rings is pretty much a requisite if you're a French "It" girl. This delicate ring style is perfect for stacking, mixing and matching or wearing alone. We love the wearability and versatility of a lush yet delicate ring stack.

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B. Signet Rings

French women are all about their signet rings. They love wearing family crest signet rings and/or signet rings with initials on their forefingers and thumbs.


A. Pendant Necklaces

Whether worn alone to make it the focal point of admiring eyes or stacked against each other in varying lengths, pendant necklaces have us screaming 'oh la la'.

Extra long pendant necklaces are a classic French jewelry choice that could be easily layered with other pieces or just one long strand of pendants wrapped three or four times around the neck.


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B. Lariat Necklaces

French fashionistas loves wearing lariat necklace styles because it is a simple, elegant accessory that complements any outfit. Plus, it easily transitions from casual to formal.

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C. Medallion Necklaces

French women's style includes wearing trendy medallion necklaces. You can see them wear them to work, on the street or when they are out socializing with friends. French women love this classic wardrobe staple so much because wearing a medallion necklace is a subtle way to show that they are more than just on trend.

D. Coin Necklaces

A coin necklace is an essential element of the Parisian girl's wardrobe. You can find necklaces with coin pendants everywhere, in different materials and in countless versions.

E. Dainty Chain Link Necklaces

French women love wearing delicate chains. Hanging from their ears, neck, wrists and fingers, these accessories accentuate their style and femininity.

Are they fussy? Well, French women also like to keep things light. That is why delicate chain link necklaces are a parisian jewelry favorite, they are easy to wear without weighing down the woman wearing them.

A. Small Thin Hoop Earrings

The very best everyday earrings are small thin hoop earrings. French women know that, and they love the look so much that the average French woman wears several pairs at one time.

B. Tiny Drop Earrings

French girls opt for these non-fussy, but still a-little-bit-special, styles for everyday wear.

Small earring studs and tiny dangle earrings are elegant and impactful earring styles. They are surprisingly versatile, making them adaptable for incorporating into upcoming trends.


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C. Large Hoop Earrings

This is one style of earrings that French women love wearing. But the French are not alone. Women in most other countries around the world love like wearing them.


Fashionable Ear Cuffs & Crawlers

French women love cool ear cuffs & crawlers because they prove that you are not afraid to flaunt your love of fashion. Simple yet striking, wear one ear cuff on each ear or stack them both for a bolder look.  

French women love wearing these trendy ear cuffs & crawlers to parties, weddings, big events or when they just want to feel a little glamorous. Ear cuffs are so versatile that you can even wear them to the office or out on the town if you are feeling adventurous.

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In Conclusion


French Parisian jewelry style is all about effortless elegance and modern sophistication with minimalistic, chic pieces that you never have to take off. It is a fun, fresh and creative look that brings a new perspective to the traditional elements of classic style.

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