What is it about French culture that appeals to women all over the world? We have a longstanding obsession with French girl magnetism, much like women everywhere. From the simple (yet insanely chic) way the French Parisian dress to their no-fuss approach to beauty to that inimitable 'je ne sais quoi' we try our best to recreate.

French wardrobe basics, in general, are just timeless, well-fitting essentials. Consider black pants, elegant skinny jeans, menswear-inspired blazers, sharp white blouses, and high-quality sweaters as examples of French style. Think about it: French fashion is well-built and designed to endure. As a matter of fact, think high-quality everything. Just as French fashion is well-constructed and designed to last, so is nearly every element of a French woman’s wardrobe including jewelry.



What would you discover if you opened a French woman's jewelry case? There's a good chance that you'd find a few everyday items. Parisian ladies are big fans of minimalistic jewelry that is almost never removed by them. She likes to keep her appearance simple and understated, but elegant. Contrast that with the idea of an American woman who wears jewelry almost as a form of self-expression. While it's fantastic being oneself, there is something appealing about the elegance and modesty of Parisian style.  

Gold dainty accessories meld into their wardrobe as effortlessly as a plain white T-shirt or the ideal pair of skinny jeans. For French ladies, it's less about what you wear and more about how you wear it. In French culture, jewelry is not reserved only for special events or carefully tailored to your OOTD. Instead, they're wardrobe must-haves that aren't taken off, acting more like a second skin than accessories. Items like delicate pendants, small earrings, unassuming rings--these are precisely the types of items Parisian women love to wear.  





It's no secret that French women love rings. As a norm, French women tend to prefer thin stacking rings to any other type because they are wearable during any season and go with nearly every outfit. Plus, they are easy to wear daily without being noticed.



French women are all about their signet rings. They love wearing family crest signet rings and/or signet rings with initials on their forefingers and thumbs. The purpose of a signet ring is to show a glimpse at a woman's personality and French women wear them with pride. The same goes for signet rings with gemstones, which have the added benefit of being incredibly elegant accents.



Parisian ladies love wearing pendants with most outfits, be it day or night. The pendant necklace trend has returned to modern times in a big way and French women are leading the movement. To emulate French chic, stick to the classics like gold or silver (or mix & match!) when shopping. Also, try to choose a pendant necklace with a minimal design, so that it pairs well with most outfits.



Lariat necklaces are another popular choice among Parisian women. They're effortlessly elegant and easily worn with so many different items in your wardrobe. The possibilities are endless with this type of necklace so consider it an investment piece when you decide to buy one.



French women's love medallion necklaces. You can see them wear them to work, on the street or when they are out socializing with friends. French women love this classic wardrobe staple so much because wearing a medallion necklace is a subtle way to show that they are more than just on trend.



One of the ways French women love wearing medallion necklaces is by pairing them with long, thin gold or silver chains. This look is very elegant and oozes Parisian sophistication.

The very best everyday earrings are small thin hoop earrings. French women know that, and they love the look so much that the average French woman wears several pairs at one time.



French girls opt for these non-fussy, but still a-little-bit-special, styles for everyday wear. It's a fun and flirty way to work Parisian style into your wardrobe.

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to tiny drop earrings. Designs range from simple, classic pearls on sterling silver posts to more complex geometric shapes with crystals. Whatever your preference, there's a tiny drop design that will work for you!



This is one style of earrings that French women love wearing. But the French are not alone. Women in most other countries around the world love like wearing them. The secret to pulling off large hoop earrings is wearing them with elegance. It's not about volume, it's about the right size and shape. That being said, there are nearly endless options when it comes to large hoop earrings so finding just one pair that seems perfect for you isn't difficult at all.



French women love ear cuffs because they demonstrate that a woman is not afraid to flaunt her love of fashion. Wear one ear cuff on each ear for a subtle yet attractive look, or stack them for a more noticeable effect.

The next time you're feeling particularly daring, try adding crawlers to your ensemble. Crawler earrings are ideal for women who love statement pieces or just want an exquisite version of their basic studs. With so many unique designs and styles to choose from, it's easy to find a crawler that will match any outfit or mood.



French women are often seen as the epitome of style. Their approach to fashion is both effortless and timeless, making it easy to mirror their look without overdoing it. As with most aspects of French culture, there's something about simplicity that speaks volumes when it comes to jewelry.

Because it's so inherent to French girl style, their approach to jewelry is best understood by observing how they dress in general. To achieve the quintessential Parisian look of downtown elegance, stick with simple shapes and pieces that you can wear day-to-day while still making high fashion statements.