For all of you fashion-forward women out there, I'm sure you know the importance of knowing which necklace to wear with which neckline. This is true not only for evening gowns but also for your daily outfits. This guide will lay out all of the options and teach you how to choose between them.


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If you love the look of a scoop neckline, try to match it with a necklace that follows the same subtle curves. For highlighting this neckline, a short chain necklace or a more textured style, such as a necklace with a hammered finish that sits just below your collarbones, would be perfect.


There are many different styles and designs worn with this type of top. The key is to pick something that compliments your skin tone, doesn't add too much weight or bulk and isn't too long, so it won't get caught in the V opening on your shirt.


What looks best with a deep V-neck top? A necklace that lies below the V-neckline and draws the eye back up to your face. Also, in order for your necklace to effortlessly follow the curves of your plunging neckline, a long necklace with a heavy pendant at the end would work best.

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A collared shirt is easily accessorized with a variety of necklaces. Wearing an asymmetrical necklace with the top button of your shirt undone is the first choice. This will offer the impression of a more relaxed look while still maintaining some elegance.

A statement bib collar necklace, which is ideal for accentuating the décolleté, is another great choice for collared shirts.


A statement necklace is the perfect accent to almost any outfit, particularly when you want to have something bold and large. It can also be a great way to complement a simple turtleneck. Having an oversized piece of jewelry around your neck is a little (OK, maybe a lot) overwhelming if you pair it with a ton of other accessories or with another, even larger piece of jewelry. However, when that statement necklace is in harmony with your glasses and hair clip, it can add just the right amount of glamour and excitement to your classic turtleneck.


There are many necklaces that look great with a strapless neckline, but a choker necklace is your best bet. By layering different choker necklace lengths, you can build a one-of-a-kind look.

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A sweetheart neckline is a curve that dips in the front and back. A necklace to complement this neckline is ideally long enough to sit on the collarbone, but not so long as to touch your chest. The best necklace for a sweetheart neckline is one with an adjustable chain or ribbon tie closure.


When baring your shoulders, similar to a strapless style, the emphasis should be on your collarbone. Choose a statement choker that draws attention to your profile or layer choker necklaces for a dramatic look.


A cowl neck is a great way to show off your collarbones and shoulders, but it can also be tricky when choosing jewelry. If you're wearing a dress with an open back or low-cut top, you'll want to keep the necklace length short so it doesn't peek out from under your clothing.


The halter, like the illusion and high necklines, does not normally allow for necklaces, but it depends on the cut. A pendant necklace would be the perfect finishing touch for a halter with a deep enough neckline.


Pendants with rigid angles complement square necklines and build a harmonious look. Any length will do as long as it does not extend past your neckline.

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