How to Match Your Necklace with the Right Neckline


If you've ever stood in front of your jewelry box feeling like you have nothing to wear, we feel you. It can be tough to know how to accessorize, especially when it comes to necklaces. But don't worry, we're here to help. So the next time you're wondering what to pair with your favorite crew neck sweater, here's a guide to finding the perfect necklace length.



One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a necklace length is your face shape. Different face shapes are flattered by different necklace lengths. For example, if you have a round face, a long necklace will help to elongate your face. However, if you have a square face, a short necklace will help to soften your features.

  1. Oval – For the oval face shape, look for a necklace that elongates the face, such as a 20-24" necklace. This necklace length will effortlessly frame your face, producing a v-shape that draws attention downward.
  2. Round - Fuller cheeks and a circular chin characterize a round face. To make your face appear more elongated, go for a necklace that hangs down past the collarbone. A 20-24" necklace should do the trick.
  3. Square/ Oblong - A choker or a short necklace can reduce the harsher angles of the face while accentuating a longer neck.
  4. Heart-Shaped – If your face is more heart-shaped, consider a 16" to 18" necklace to soften the angles, like a square/oblong face.
  5. Rectangular-Try to add some roundness to your face by opting for a necklace with round embellishments, such as pearls of varying sizes. You can also opt for a necklace that remains in a rounded shape near your collarbone. A choker or a collar necklace is also fantastic for adding width. Avoid a long drop necklace that will further lengthen your face.



Your height is also a key factor when picking out the perfect necklace length. If you are petite, you will want to look for a short necklace length that won't overwhelm your frame. Conversely, you can go for long necklace lengths if you are taller

1. Under 5'4" Tall– If you have a shorter frame of 5'4" or below, look for a necklace that will elongate your frame but not hang too low. You don't want your necklace to overpower your look or make you appear "top-heavy." A great way to find the perfect necklace length for someone under 5'4" is to measure from the base of your neck to the top of your bust. This measurement will give you an idea of how long or short you should go.

If you are looking for a shorter style, try a 16"-18" necklace, which should fit your proportions well. A 16" -18" necklace will sit at the base of your neck, right where your collarbone meets. A 16"-18" necklace length is also a great choice for layering multiple necklaces. Try a 20"-24" necklace when looking for a long necklace, as this will hang effortlessly because it will sit right in the center of your torso without too much extra length.

2. Between 5'4" and 5'7"– Fortunately, you can wear any necklace length, but keep in mind that your face shape and body type, not only your height, should be considered when deciding on a necklace length.

3. Over 5'‘7"– You can typically wear any necklace length with a taller frame, but a long necklace will enhance your height. The extra length will create a vertical line, which will make you appear even taller. Consider wearing a necklace that falls below your breastbone. If you're looking for a short necklace style, make sure the necklace size matches your face shape.



Your body shape is also key when deciding on the ideal necklace length.

  1. Triangle – Because your body is more petite on the top than at the bottom, look for a necklace that will broaden your shoulders. An 18" -24" necklace works well as it sits just above your bust and draws attention to your upper body.
  2. Rectangle– This shape can typically wear any necklace, although a long necklace helps elongate your body. Try a 24-34 inch necklace.
  3. Hourglass – Try a 20—24" necklace to accentuate your curves. A 20-24" necklace helps bring attention to the chest area—the sexiest part of an hourglass body type!
  4. Inverted Triangle – With broader shoulders, a longer necklace will help bring the eye down to your waist, highlighting the smallest part of your body. Try a 30-34 inch necklace.



It can be difficult to determine what jewelry to wear with different necklines. The neckline of your shirt or dress plays a key factor to consider when choosing the ideal necklace length. First, let's go over different necklace lengths, and then we'll match them with different necklines.

A. Necklace Lengths

Chokers: If you want to wear a choker necklace, measure your neck to make sure the necklace will fit. Most choker necklaces are between 14 and 16 inches long, so if your neck is smaller or larger than that range, you may need to find a different necklace style.

Princess: If you're looking for a necklace that sits below the neck and around the collarbone, go for a princess necklace style.

Matinée: A matinée necklace is typically 20-24 inches long (about twice the length of a choker)—a matinée necklace rest at the bust line, perfect for showing off your collarbone and décolletage.

Opera: Opera-length necklace is typically 24-32 inches long, making it the longest necklace style. If you want to make your opera-style necklace shorter, you can wrap it around your neck twice.

Rope: If you're looking for a longer necklace, go for a rope-length necklace. A rope-length necklace is anything longer than 32 inches long. It is perfect for layering with short necklaces for a unique look.

Necklaces to go with Necklines:

1) Turtleneck

Select very long necklaces, such as 24"-30" necklaces. Long-length pendant necklaces hang nicely around a turtleneck neckline and won't get lost in the fabric. Plus, very long necklaces have a slimming effect on the neck, which is always a bonus!

Instead of opera-length necklaces, you can also layer shorter necklaces. Shorter necklaces sit right on the turtleneck, creating a more exciting look.

2) Crew Neck

The perfect necklace is anything longer than 18 inches. For example, try a collar or bib necklace to show off your neckline or a long pendant necklace to elongate your frame.

It's important not to wear chokers or excessively long necklaces with crew necks, and we also advise keeping your necklaces symmetrical. If you want to add a more distinct difference, try layering two or three pendants to get a detailed and asymmetrical appearance.

3) Scoop Neck

The scoop neck is a timeless silhouette that can be both elegant and playful. It's an excellent choice for any event, whether you're looking for something to wear every day or for a special occasion. When choosing the perfect necklace for a scoop neck, keep some things in mind.

First, consider the neckline itself. A scoop neck can range from a deep V to a more moderate U-shape. The depth of the neckline will impact what type of necklace you can wear. If you have a deeper scoop neck, you'll want to choose a necklace that is shorter in length, so it doesn't get lost in the V.

On the other hand, if you have a more moderate scoop neck, you can go for a dainty necklace or even shorter necklaces layered together.

4) Halter Neck

A halter neck is an excellent opportunity to show off your shoulders, so you don't want a necklace that will compete with that. Instead, choose a dainty pendant or a short necklace that hits right at the base of your neck.

5) Cowl Neckline

A cowl neckline has softly rounded folds. Because a cowl neck is voluminous and makes a statement on its own, it's best to avoid wearing a necklace with this style. If you must, choose an opera-style necklace to pair with a cowl neck. A short necklace will make the neckline look broader, so try not to do that.

6)V-Neck Tops

When choosing a necklace to wear with a v-neck top or dress, it's essential to consider the shape of your neck. For example, a v or y shaped necklace will follow the shape of your neck and look most complementary, whereas a round necklace can look out of place with a v-neck top or dress. These styles are complementary because a round necklace will sit on top of the fabric and not lay flat against your skin like a v or y shaped necklace will.

Generally, a chunky necklace pairs well with thicker v-neck fabrics and a delicate necklace with light fabrics.

V-necks make your neck appear longer. On the other hand, a choker would be unwise since it makes your neck look shorter. Instead, choose a necklace that goes along the length of your neckline, giving the appearance of a longer neck.

When selecting an outfit, consider how long the necklace will be. Don't wear a necklace that exactly touches your neckline; both will compete for attention. Instead, try to keep the necklace and neckline at least an inch apart to stand out on their own while also complementing each other. Likewise, a necklace that is too long may get lost in the folds of your blouse.

When deciding on a necklace to match a V-neck, keep in mind the sleeves. A chunky necklace looks good with tops or dresses with thin straps, whereas blouses with longer sleeves look best paired with a delicate necklace.

Wearing an asymmetric necklace with a V-neck should be avoided. The V form is a statement in and of itself, so the asymmetric necklace's asymmetry might divert attention away from the actual neckline.

7) Low-Cut or Strapless

A princess necklace style is the best option for wearing a low-cut or strapless top. This necklace length showcases the style of the shirt by drawing the eyes upward and towards the shoulders.

8) Strapless

A strapless top is a great way to show off your shoulders, but it can be tricky to accessorize. The key is to choose a necklace that complements your neckline without competing with it.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect necklace for a strapless top:

First, take a look at the neckline of your strapless top. Is it sweetheart-shaped? Off-the-shoulder? Asymmetrical? The neckline will dictate the length and style of necklace that you should choose. For example, a sweetheart neckline looks best with a shorter necklace that hits right at the base of the neck. An off-the-shoulder neckline can be accentuated with a long, dangly necklace. And an asymmetrical neckline is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your necklace choice!

Next, consider the fabric of your strapless top. A chunky necklace can easily overpower a delicate silk top. Stick to a thinner, more delicate necklace. Conversely, you can pair a simple cotton top with a more dressed-up ornate necklace. The contrast from an ornate necklace will add interest to your outfit.

9) Boat Neck

Wearing a long chain with a boat neck top balances and complements the breadth of the shoulders. You can wear a long layered necklace or a basic long pendant that reaches exactly above your waist to add volume. A long layered necklace of a long pendant will make your boat neck top look like it has a cinched-in waist.

10) Square Neckline

A square neckline looks fantastic with a geometric necklace since it has an angular form. A geometric necklace will add movement and interest to the solid shape of a square neckline. Opt for an angular neckpiece that might be a chain or a pendant because a neckpiece with softer lines can get lost in the neckline's structure. A collar or choker necklace can also add to the overall look.

11) Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular necklines, and it looks great with a necklace. The key is to choose a necklace that flatters your neckline without competing with it. If you have a simple sweetheart neckline, go for a more dramatic necklace. A dramatic necklace will add interest to your outfit and help balance out the neckline. If you have a more embellished sweetheart neckline, choose a simple necklace. An embellished sweetheart neckline is already quite busy, so a simple necklace will help to keep the focus on the neckline itself.


When choosing the perfect necklace length, there are several factors to consider, including your face shape, body type, and the neckline of your shirt or dress. Once you take all of these factors into account, you'll be sure to find the perfect necklace length for you!