How to Choose the Best Jewelry to Flatter Your Face Shape

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There are lots of options out there, but not all jewelry is created equal. It's important to wear the right pieces to enhance your best features and downplay your less-than-perfect ones. This article will show you how to choose the right jewelry for every face shape, so that you can look your very best!


As a woman, there are many components to your style. But one of the most important pieces in your puzzle is the right jewelry for your face shape. The best gems and accessories can make you feel beautiful, but the wrong ones can make you look harsh or washed out. Just like choosing clothes that accentuate particular features or skin tone, there are appropriate types of jewelry to complement your face shape. But how do you know which ones those are? Look no further than this guide!


The aim in this case is to balance the features of a round face shape by building more angles and depths. This will make the person look less round and more balanced.

Long dangling earrings or any tapered earrings style are best for round face shapes since they help to balance out round cheeks. Additionally, looped necklaces work well on round faces by drawing the eyes downward hence lengthening the appearance of a broad face.


For this face shape, earrings should elongate the face. Wearing long dangling earrings that are slim in width is best to balance out a square jaw. For a square jawline, also opt for long necklaces with curved edges that can soften its strength. Princess, matinee, opera and rope lengths are the perfect size for long necklaces (especially if you have a short neck), since they create a vertical line that lengthens a square jaw.


Drop or dangle earrings with curves at the bottom are best for a heart face shape. This curved earring style will lessen the sharp contours around the chin and makes it seem more rounded.

In general, heart-shaped faces look the most dazzling in shorter necklace lengths with curved angles. A bold pendant on a short necklace is the ideal jewelry choice as it creates a visual stop directly under the chin, shortening the look of the face.


Every type of earring looks great on this face shape. So, there is no need to worry about it. As far as necklaces are concerned, the ideal necklaces for this face shape are those featuring oval or teardrop designs that mimic the natural contour of an oval face.


Diamond face shapes should opt for short or medium earrings. Additionally, long necklaces can accentuate the length of a diamond-shaped profile, which is already long. Instead, consider wearing shorter necklaces with width-wide curves, rectangle pendants and collars as an alternative.


With this longer face shape, smaller dangling earrings and pearl studs are the best match since they draw the eye across the face. Necklaces in choker, collar and princess lengths (especially if you have a long neck) are perfect because they break up the vertical line that occurs with an oblong face.


Women with triangular faces should opt for earrings that are wider at the bottom rather than at the top. The goal is to offset a triangular look with earrings that de-emphasize the forehead and create an illusion with the width of the jaw line.

In addition, a princess length necklace is the best necklace choice as it places a gentle curve under the jaw line and lengthen the look of the face.


A pear face shape is best suited for earrings that are broad at the top with relatively narrow bottoms. A short necklace that forms a “V” with a pendant is the ideal neckwear choice. This kind of pendant necklace gives the impression of a longer face by drawing the jaw out.



We hope this article helps you better understand face shapes and how to choose the best pieces of jewelry to compliment each. Remember, it's never a bad idea to go with your personal preferences, but hopefully these tips help you in choosing what looks best on you!