How to Tell if a Sapphire is Real


If you're looking to purchase a sapphire stone, you might be wondering how to tell if it's real. If that is the case, then this blog post is for you! Below are different tips on how to spot a fake sapphire from the real deal. With these tips in mind, you'll never have to worry about purchasing an imitation gemstone again!


The first step in determining the authenticity of a sapphire stone is to hunt for any imperfections, defects or impurities. To test if it is real, use a magnifying glass to inspect it. To determine if the sapphire gem is real, inspect its surface. If it is a natural gemstone, you will see small imperfections on its surface which are attributable to nature's development. While some untreated sapphires are pure and free of any imperfections, the existence of these small impurities is often a sign that it is a genuine stone.


Another way to test the authenticity of your sapphire gemstone is a simple breath test. You can identify a real sapphire by quickly fogging it up. Track how long it takes the mist to disappear completely. If it is natural stone then the mist will disappear within a few seconds. On the other hand, if a sapphire crystal is synthetic it will take a few more seconds to disappear.


To test if a sapphire gemstone is real, look for air bubbles in the stone. These bubbles are a consequence of the creation of synthetic stones in laboratories using glass. Inspect the sapphire gem from all angles to ensure there are no bubbles, as this could indicate an artificial stone.


In order to identify the authenticity of a sapphire crystal, the scratch test is another useful method. If you have two sapphires and you know that one is real, you can use it to scratch the suspect stone. If the sapphire bauble you scratch is real, you will not see any scratching. This is because stones of equal hardness do not scratch one another. If you notice that a scratch appears, this means it is not an authentic sapphire.


Another way to determine if a sapphire jewel is genuine or not is by checking how it reflects light. To identify if the sapphire is real, stay in total darkness and use a flashlight to test it. If the stone is genuine, light of the same color as the sapphire is reflected. If it is a fake sapphire jewel (usually made of glass) you will be able to see other colors in the crystal.

In conclusion, it is easy to check to see if a sapphire bauble is real or not. You only need to do some simple procedures and know what the differences are between natural and synthetic stones.