Herringbone vs Snake Chain

Herringbone vs snake chain: what are the similarities and differences between these two interlinked patterns? When comparing a herringbone design to a snake chain style, the main difference lies in their pattern.





Herringbone, a classic necklace chain style, consists of a sequence of flat, short and parallel links placed in an offset pattern. A Herringbone necklace usually features two or more rows of interconnected links. The understated and elegant herringbone pattern lies perfectly flat against the skin and is a suitable choice to glam up any casual daywear or a conservative office ensemble.

A herringbone chain is super versatile and looks great paired with any of the following: a basic tee, a dress, a blazer or practically anything.




A snake chain link features a succession of round, curvy metal rings that form a sleek, flexible chain. The smooth, polished and flexible chain's name comes from its resemblance to a serpent. Edgy snake chains are a trendy favorite for necklaces because its strength and durability make it a superb choice.

A snake chain necklace is also super versatile and looks great paired with anything, from a fancy cocktail dress to a casual t-shirt and jeans.




Both patterns consist of interlinked links; however, the herringbone pattern has a zig zag shape with softly curved edges—this makes it resemble a fish skeleton. A snake chain design is round and curvy and looks more like a snake.



Herringbone vs snake chain: which one's for you? Herringbone jewelry and snake chains can both be worn for many occasions, but they look different. So it's really a matter of personal taste that will determine which one you wear.


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