You can wear your 18k gold-plated jewelry and other solid gold pieces in the shower, but we don't recommend it for multiple reasons. So let's get into why we advise against showering in 18k rose gold.



  • When you wear 18k gold-plated jewelry in the shower, there is a chance that it will come into contact with soap or shampoo. These cleaning products can cause a buildup of residue on the surface of the gold, which can dull its bright shine and cause a more muted glow.

  • Your jewels will get dull and less bright due to the residue your soap leaves behind. Even though diamonds are resilient, wearing diamond stud earrings or a ring while taking a shower is not smart. On diamonds, soaps, oils, and lotions frequently leave a coating that reduces the brilliance. You won't impact the integrity of the diamond, but you'll need to have your gemstone jewelry deep-cleaned, which is time-consuming and raises the possibility that a stone could become loose in the future.
clear   HOT WATER
  • We frequently advise using warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap to clean jewelry. However, prolonged contact with water, especially hot water, might diminish your jewelry's shine.

  • When gold reaches extremely high temperatures, the metal becomes softer. Thus, hot water can cause your gold to soften. As you may know already, soft gold is not ideal for jewelry use because it is more prone to bending and scratching. Soft gold cannot hold its shape as well as hard metal, so the shape of your piece may become unattractively warped over time. Likewise, soft gold is easier to scratch than harder metal. So, if you plan on showering with 18k gold-plated jewelry on a regular basis, then be prepared for more dents and scratches.
clear   STEAM
  • The steam from a shower can raise the humidity level in the bathroom. Humidity in the bathroom is bad for jewelry because it can cause the metal to tarnish.

  • The steam from a shower can also cause the settings on your 18k gold-plated jewelry to loosen by softening the metal. Remember, soft metal is not good for holding gemstones. Loose settings may cause loss, or a damaged stone. Your stone may fall on a hard surface and chip, if you are lucky, or will fall down the drain to be inevitably lost forever.
  • If you do not dry your 18k gold-plated jewelry completely after showing, the moisture can cause the metal to tarnish. Tarnish is a type of corrosion that forms on the surface of metals when they are exposed to oxygen and moisture. It can cause the metal to turn yellow, brown, or black.

  • Moisture can also cause the bright finish on your 18k gold-plated jewelry to turn dull and lifeless.


So, while you can technically shower with your 18k gold-plated jewelry, it is not the best idea. It is better to take it off before you get in the shower and put it back on when finished. This will help keep your jewelry looking its best. Thanks for reading!