Chains are an essential part of any jewelry collection, and there are many different types to choose from. Two of the most popular styles are Figaro and curb chains. So, what's the difference between these two types of chains? Let's have a look.


Figaro link chains may resemble curb or cable chains in appearance. That's because it's built the same way, with an extended link placed every 2-4 ordinary links or so in a pattern. Three-round, one-long link is a popular pattern. Most Figaro chains are curb chains (meaning each link lies flat); however, a few aren't (simple circles).

Some specialty chains replace a "long link" with a different shape, such as a large heart or clover. This pattern isn't a classic Figaro chain, but you'll understand why many brands choose to call them that. Because the long link is usually the most eye-catching piece on the chain, people associate Figaro chains with having an elongated center link.


The chain's name originates most likely from Figaro, the main character in both "The Barber of Seville" and "The Marriage of Figaro," two highly popular operas in Italy during the 18th century. Although the Italians were not the first to create this design, its usage and popularity in Italy and its association with Italian opera ensured that the term stuck and has a continuing connection to the country.


There are generally between 60 and 80 chain links in a Figaro necklace. The number of links can vary depending on the manufacturer, but typically there are between 60 and 80 chain links in a Figaro necklace. The actual number of links in a particular chain may also be affected by the size and width of the links and the overall length of the chain. For example, a Figaro chain that is 18 inches long will have fewer links than a chain that is 30 inches long. Generally speaking, though, there are between 60 and 80 links in Figaro necklaces.


Figaro chain styles are extremely durable due to their soldered links, which are harder to tear apart. Figaro chain styles are also, on average, some of the heaviest chains available. This durability and weight are due to the larger size links.

Figaro chain durability also depends on its material; for example, a Figaro chain made of gold will be more durable than one made of silver.


You can wear Figaro chains with just about anything. Because of their classic style, Figaro chains are more versatile than most other chain styles.

Figaro chains can be worn alone or layered with other necklace styles. They also look great when paired with pendants. Figaro necklaces pair well with round, oval, or teardrop-shaped pendants.


Yes, there are six main reasons why Figaro chains are so popular.

#1. They're Affordable
Figaro chains are a great option if you're looking for something affordable. The price of a Figaro chain will depend on the metal it's made of, the length, and the width. Other detailing such as pavé will increase the price.

#2. They're Heavy and Durable
Figaro chains are also heavier and more durable than other chain styles due to the soldered and the larger link sizes.

#3. They're Easy to Wear
Figaro chains are easy to wear because the links lie flat against the skin, making them comfortable to wear and less likely to get tangled.

#4. Easy-Fix Chains
Although Figaro chains are built very well, the chain links may still break. In case of breakage, you can repair a Figaro chain quickly and easily. A metalsmith will remove a part of the pattern and fix the chain without having to ruin the symmetry of the design.

#5. Versatile
As mentioned before, Figaro chains look good with every fashion style you can think of. Its versatility is one of the reasons it is popular. You can wear it as is or with charms and pendants like crosses or medallions.

#6. They're Easy to Care for
Figaro chains are relatively easy to care for. You can clean them at home with a mild soap and water solution. You can also take them to a professional jeweler for a more thorough cleaning.


Curb chain necklaces are a simple and classic option. The design pattern is straightforward; it consists of flat, closely interlocking uniform links that meet at two distinct grooves.

Curb chains are available in a variety of shapes and textures. The variations and finishings are as such: rounded curb, open curb, close curb, concaved curb, square curb, flat curb, diamond cut curb, pave curb, etc.


A curb chain necklace in the thickest gauge typically has between 18 and 20 links. The length of the chain will determine how many links are necessary. For example, a thick gauge 18" necklace uses about 18 chain links, while a 20" necklace uses 20 chain links.

Thinner or shorter chain links will result in more necessary links for the necklace. So, a 16" chain with thinner links will have about 32 links. Wider or thicker links will use fewer links.


Rounded Curb Chain:

The rounded curb chain style is the root of all curb chain style variants because it is untouched by any special treatments on the links. The rounded curves on the curb links that make it up give it the name.

Open Curb Chain/Cheval Curb Chain:

The shape of the open curb chain links is notably distinctive, with grooves at each end of the link. While the width of the curb links used to create this style is consistent from end to end, the length of each link stretches and opens up slightly. Looking at the Figaro chain is the best way to describe the impact. For example, a Figaro chain has a design consisting of a sequence of short links (the regular close link) followed by a longer link. This longer link is an open curb link, and the open curb link is just built up of these longer links. It's also known as a cheval curb chain (from the French term cheval).

Close Curb Chain:

The Figaro Chain, which consists of a combination of open curb links and closed curb links, is the most popular and recognized variation of the curb chain. Close curb chains feature links joined together in a group of at least three and so are closer to each other.

Concaved Curb Chain:

A concaved curb chain's center links are fashioned like a closed curb and, from a bird's eye view, form an inwardly forming groove that runs from end to end across the chain's surface.

Square Curb Chain:

The Square curb chain is a closed curb chain style that emphasizes straight lines on the corners and surface. It has a boxy appearance that contrasts with the round curb chain, and the distinctive groove is simple to spot. Each side of the link has a distinctive triangle form on the surface.

Flat Curb Chain:

Compared to a non-flat curb chain, the flat curb chain will have less depth when laid out on a surface but have the same width. It can produce the appearance of a wide chain from a birds-eye view, be a lot lighter in weight, and thus often cost less.

Single Curb Chain:

Each link in a single curb chain pairs with another link before and after in a repeatable pattern.

Double Curb Chain:

There are two types of double curb chain styles. The first style involves stacking two single curb links and then linking them together. The second case is when there is just one link, but two links on either side of it fit inside the gap.

Pavé Curb Chain:

A pavé curb chain is a type of curb chain that incorporates gemstones, either synthetic or natural. Depending on the precious metal used to manufacture the pavé curb chain, the stones are embedded on the surface or along the edges of curb links.

Milled Curb Chain:

A milled curb chain has a dazzling and glittering aesthetic similar to the pave curb chain in that it appears to have stones set on the surface. This chain, however, contains no gemstones. In actuality, milling is a sophisticated technique that includes rolling a metal block with grooves over the length of a chain and leaving a pattern of imprints, resulting in a low-maintenance, worry-free – brilliant appearance.
Unlike a pave curb chain, the wearer can wear a milled curb chain daily without worrying about the stones falling out if it suffers a hard hit.

Diamond-Cut Curb Chain:

With a diamond cut curb chain, it's necessary to clarify what diamond cutting is. It is a method in which a jewelry surface is sliced extremely thin to create a highly polished surface using a diamond-tipped instrument.
You can create a diamond cut curb chain according to your own preferences; a curb chain link contains many potential surfaces and edges that can be 'cut' or 'facetted' in any segment. For example, if diamond cutting is used on the surface of a curb chain but not on the edges, the overall result can be quite different.

Hollow Curb Chain:

The hollow curb chain is similar to the rounded curb in terms of form, so there's no visual difference. However, the actual formation of the link differs significantly. For example, the links of a hollow curb chain or bracelet began as a cylinder-shaped tube with hollow space inside. The hollow portion, which cannot be seen but only felt or weighed, is hidden within this cavity. Compared to other chains, these links are more affordable because they include less metal but have the appearance and feel of a real solid chain.

Are Hollow Chains Good? Are Hollow Chains Bad?

The advantages of hollow curb chain necklaces are that they weigh less and, therefore, appear more comfortable for some wearers. Hollow curb chain necklaces are also more affordable than solid gold chains of the same style. The disadvantages of hollow chains are that they're not as strong or durable as solid gold chains, so they may bend more easily or break under stress.

In contrast, the hollow curb chain has a disadvantage in its overall lifespan and durability. Because the hollow space inside allows for less protection, and over time (because metals such as silver are softer), it may break sooner than a solid curb chain. Additionally, it's much more difficult to repair a hollow curb chain if a break occurs because the solder cannot form properly due to the hollow tube space.

Solid Curb Chain:

A solid curb chain varies in size, from delicate, moderate, thick, and thicker. A solid curb chain is made of a solid wire rather than a hollow one, resulting in improved durability and longevity. The majority of beautiful curb chains with a thinner appearance in their width are most likely constructed from a solid wire because making a wire with such a tiny hollow space is physically difficult.


There is no definitive answer to this question, as the strength of a curb chain depends on several factors, including the quality of the materials and workmanship and the intended use. However, in general, curb chains are quite strong and durable.

One way to judge the strength of a curb chain is to look at its construction. For example, a curb chain made from high-quality materials with well-executed links will be stronger than one made from lower-quality materials or poorly constructed links. Additionally, a curb chain intended for heavy-duty use (such as holding a large pendant) will be stronger than one intended for lighter-duty use (such as a dainty bracelet).

However, most curb chain necklaces are generally quite strong and durable, regardless of their specific construction or intended use. So, if you're looking for a sturdy chain to hold your favorite pendant or charm, a curb chain is a great option.


The curb chain style is very versatile. Most people like to wear them without pendants for a minimalistic look. You can also wear them with small or large pendants for different looks.


There are six main reasons why curb link chains are so popular.

#1. They're affordable.
Curb chains are an excellent option for those on a budget. You can find them made of different materials, including gold-filled and sterling silver. They're also available in a variety of lengths to suit your needs.

#2. They're versatile.
The curb chain style can be worn with various pendants and charms and look great on their own as a simple, elegant necklace.

#3. They're low-maintenance.
Curb chain links are very easy to take care of. You can clean them with a soft cloth and soapy water.

#4. They have a classic look.
Curb link chains have a timeless look that will never go out of style. They're the perfect choice for those who want a necklace that they can wear for years to come.

#5. They're strong.
Curb chain links are very strong and durable. They're even sometimes used in industrial applications because of their strength.

#6. They don't kink.
Curb chains are less likely to kink than other chains, making them an excellent option for those who want a necklace that will lay flat against their skin.


The big difference between Figaro and curb chains is how it sits on your neck. Figaro chains lie straight and sit flat across your collar bones, whereas curb chains hang in a U shape.

Another difference is a curb chain is a type of necklace or bracelet style that consists of links that are all the same size. On the other hand, A Figaro chain features links that alternate between two different sizes. Curb chains are typically more simplistic in design, while Figaro chains tend to be more intricate.

You can wear both curb chains and Figaro chains every day when it comes to wearability. However, because of the design of a Figaro chain, it is more likely to get caught on clothing or other objects. Curb chains are less likely to get tangled or caught on anything.


So, which chain should you choose? It honestly depends on your personal preference and what look you're going for. If you want a simple classic necklace, go for a curb chain. If you want something with more a bit more personality, go for a Figaro chain. And if you can't decide, get both!