We've all heard horror stories about jewelry turning green after being worn for a few days. But what about 18k gold-plated jewelry? Is it subject to the same fate? The answer may surprise you! Let's take a look at why some jewelry turns green and whether or not 18k gold-plated jewelry is exempt from this phenomenon.



Exposure to moisture, body oils and chemicals in cosmetics, lotions, fragrances, or detergents are the most frequent causes of 18k gold-plated jewelry turning green. Gold plating is a thin layer of pure gold (75%) and other alloys applied over a base metal such as brass or silver. Over time, the gold plating on the jewelry may come off, allowing air and moisture to react with the base metal and create tarnishing. Chemicals in perfumes, lotions, and makeup products can also degrade the gold plating, turning it green or making it discolored.

To prevent your 18k gold-plated jewelry from turning green, you should take care when wearing or storing it. Be sure to remove your jewelry when showering, bathing or swimming, and avoid contact with products such as lotions and perfumes. Store your gold-plated jewelry in a dry place away from moisture, preferably in an airtight container or jewelry box. To keep it looking shiny and new for longer, you can also clean your gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth or special jewelry cleaning solution.

Another method to prevent 18k gold-plated jewelry from turning your skin green is to coat the jewelry with a coat or two of clear nail polish. This protective layer prevents any chemical reactions between your skin and the metal by forming a barrier between them.



The good news is that 18k gold-plated jewelry is considerably less prone to turn green after prolonged exposure to air and moisture than other jewelry types (such as 10k or 14k gold). This is because 18k gold plating, made up of 75% pure gold layered over sterling silver or other base metals, effectively prevents corrosion and oxidation. Therefore, your jewelry should continue to look great for years to come as long as the gold layer remains intact.



So there you have it—the answer to the age-old question: does 18k gold plated turn green? The answer is no—at least, not if it's made properly and taken care of correctly! With regular upkeep and cleaning, your gorgeous pieces will continue to look wonderful for years. Therefore, feel free to wear your favorite items with confidence, knowing they won't turn green any time soon.