How to Layer Necklaces-Mix And Match Necklaces

Layering necklaces is trending again, but is it ever not? Plus, wearing multiple pieces in an ever-evolving collection of fun combinations lets you enjoy more of the pieces in your jewelry collection—and who doesn't like that? Here are our top tips for how to layer necklaces.


  It seems like everyone has a different point of view when it comes to what constitutes the "correct" number of necklaces to wear. Many people follow the "rule of three," while some assert it doesn't matter so long as it's an odd number. In our many layering try-outs, we've found that the mixture of three to five pieces is often the most aesthetically pleasing.

We suggest that you lay down your necklaces by length. For the quintessential layered look, add a choker, short necklace, and long necklace together. When stacking by length, every piece ends up laying neatly. This way, you can see each detail and not end up with a jumble of charms vying for attention.


 The essential things to remember when wearing multiple necklaces is to not only vary the lengths, but also try mixing slender, delicate chains with longer, thicker ones. You might find that doubling a longer strand gives you just the effect you're hoping to achieve. 


It's fun to pile on chokers, especially when they're the same style. Stack one right on top of the other, then let them cascade down with some more dainty charms to offset the statement-makers up top.


 Maintain a theme, choose necklaces with the same or similar shapes swinging from chains of different lengths. You can drape bright, primary colors of gems, beads or pearls with one another or stay within the same color family for a gentler look. 


You can opt to stay within the same metal color palette-like all rose gold or all silver- or go for a multi-tone combo. Mixing and matching a mashup of metals works particularly well when both pieces are similarly chunky (or slender).


Take into account your clothing, the top you're wearing will help determine which necklace you use for layering. Deep necklines lend themselves perfectly to framing your jewelry. Shirts and blouses with higher necklines can work nicely also. For example, a few shorter charm or pendant necklaces look great peaking out of a collared top. Also, layering on chains is a great way to dress up a v-neck tee.


Layering necklaces is your opportunity to roll the dice and compose a look that is distinctly yours. No one else owns the exact assortment of jewelry as you, right? So play around with what you've got and when you're out shopping think about how necklaces might work with your existing pieces. You'll never settle for just one again. 

Some of the best looks come from combining contrasting styles with variations in weight, metal, color, stones, texture and cost. It's a blank canvas so mix and match as you see fit.


The above mentioned tips are fantastic, but if you feel overwhelmed by all the options and are pressed for time them opt for a packaged necklace set. You can find multi-strand, pre attached necklaces that create this look for you.

Lariat necklaces are also a great alternative to add length and visual interest at the same time.

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