Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Vogue Italia
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Vogue Italia
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Amélie Pink Gold Open Cuff-Bonheur Jewelry
Pink Gold Open Cuff-Elizabeth Gillies Jewelry on CW's Dynasty
Pink Gold Open Cuff-Jennifer Lopez Jewelry in L'oreal Ad

 Amelie Cuff $275.00

What’s the quickest way to make an outfit feel complete and totally put-together? Add a bracelet. Even better? Add multiple cute bracelets. Boom!
Instant gorgeous.

Still perplexed? Not sure how to wear stackable bracelets without overdoing it? Follow these basics to achieve the perfect layered look.

1) Don’t Over-Do It. 

Yes, it's on-trend but you don’t have to cover your arm from wrist to elbow in bangles and open cuffs from your bracelet collection. Stacking requires a certain amount of artfulness. Bracelet stacks should feel fun and manageable, but not something that physically weighs you down. 

2) When is Enough? Bracelets on Both Wrists?

Generally speaking, if you’re piling on pave bracelets, you should probably ease off on pouring loads of other jewelry on, especially rows of stacked or statement rings. 

If you’re accessorizing bracelets on both wrists, consider wearing fewer bracelets on each arm than you would usually wear. Also, layered bracelet styles or bangles look best when balanced by subdued monochromatic outfits.

3) Consider the Order

Stacking bracelets involves more than simply sliding on a bunch of layered bracelet styles that look good together. The order has a huge impact on the look of the stack. Play around with your bracelets and bangles because deciding on the order requires a little bit of experimentation. One way to determine the stacking order is to lay out your bracelets on your dresser or table. Do the bracelets look good side by side? If not, move them around to try different arrangements.

A good rule of thumb is spacing out bracelet sizes and styles, particularly larger pieces. Placing two large bracelets next to each other often looks clunky and unbalanced. If you choose two thicker bracelets for your stack, place a few thinner bracelets between them to create greater balance and create interesting contrast.

Another factor is the type of bracelets you wear and the possibility that they will intertwine and thus get tangled. Two delicate chains next to one another may not work well. Separate bracelets that are quickly knotted to other items, so that your stack does not turn into one big mess.

When choosing the bracelet order, keep overall balance in mind. Think about how the colors, textures and metals work together and complement each other. In general, spreading out bold colors, rich textures and various sizes help keep that balance.

4) Add a Watch

Add function by pairing a few pave bracelets with a watch. If placed on the bottom of your stack, a timepiece can also serve as a great foundation. This way, if your wrist is too small, your watch will prevent loose bangles from falling off your wrist.

5) Break the Rules and Mix Metals

Somewhere at some point someone determined that there is an unwritten rule against mixing metallics. Don't mix gold and silver, no copper and bronze. White, yellow or rose gold—how do you choose? Don’t choose and break the rules!

When it comes to combining bracelets, you don’t want a matchy-matchy look. For a style that packs a visual punch,  play around with clashing metal accents and or pieces with different-colored finishes. 

6) Choose a Color Scheme

One technique is to wear bracelets that are all within the same color family. Even if the bracelets are different styles, the similarity of their colors will visually connect them. For starters, you could wear bracelets in all shades of reds and oranges, or blues and greens – or bracelets that all have rose quartz as the featured stone.

7) Use an Accent Color

Another trick to use when arranging your bracelet stack is to wear bracelets with a unifying neutral tone, then wear one contrasting bracelet in a bold and trendy color as the accent piece. This will create a very dynamic and eye-catching look while still being elegant and refined. For example, you could wear a series of silver bracelets and bangles, then add one statement bracelet in a bright pink or vibrant blue as the accent color.

When you are choosing a main accent piece that will work as the focal point, the more eye-catching and unexpected it is – the better.

8) Odd Numbers are Better 

As far as the amount of bracelets you should include in your stack, there is no magic number. In general, we suggest sticking to an odd number of bracelets. You could even divide them up between 2 wrists.

9) Bracelet Etiquette

If you are wearing layered bracelets when going to work, keep in mind how often you're working on a computer or what the bracelets might hit throughout the day. You don’t want to make enemies at the office by sounding like a set of wind chimes every time you move your hands. If this is an issue, consider toning down your bracelet collection with pieces that won’t be as distracting such as leather, fabric or thin metals. Also, if you are right-handed then opt for stacks on your left hand.

However you choose to stack, be sure to have fun and be a little daring with your cute bracelets. Mix these general rules with your own personal style and artfulness to create a truly unique and perfect layered look.