Hoop Earrings Style Guide:
How to Choose the Best Hoop Earrings For You

Raise your hands if you love hoop earrings!

There’s a reason hoop earrings are classics: They simply never go out of style and rarely fade in Instagram popularity. We love them all from tiny sleeper hoops to huge, unwearble ones seen all over the runways. It seems like every cool celebrity from J.lo to Jessica Alba is never seen without them. Hoops in every size are as relevant today as they were in the '60s or '70s. Never underestimate the staying power of good hoop earrings. Just like a  LBD or a white button-down, hoops will always be a go-to choice for women everywhere and a permanent classic wardrobe essential.

How do you find the perfect pair of hoops? A pair that you’ll love wearing all day, everyday and some nights out? The key to finding your perfect pair of hoops is to search for a pair that is stylish+the right size while also complimenting your gorgeous facial features. 

In our "Hoop Earring Style Guide Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know when on your jewelry quest for the perfect hoops including the way your hoops' width, metal colors and the detailing affect your style.


Huggie Hoop Earrings and Small Hoops

Small huggies, also known as huggie hoops are an excellent everyday earring option. Small huggies are comfortably lightweight and snugly hug the ear lope. Ultra versatile and great for any age. Wear 1 pair or multiples or mix & match. The perfect earrings for the minimalist, glistening small hoops perfectly compliment one or every piercing.

Mini huggie hoop earrings are small but they pack a mighty visual punch. These tiny lobe hoops are discreet and graceful, but still eye-catching and gorgeous (especially when set with shimmering pavé). These mini hoop earrings also flatter most face shapes. They are a great choice for those who normally wear their medium to long hair down, since their tiny silhouette looks chic amid flowing locks.

I hate my pair of 18k huggie hoop earrings, said no one ever. Huggies are great when paired with any casual, hard-to-match with jewelry outfit. Huggies look equally great with loungewear or athleisure outfits. They are an effortless way to up your earring game in a flash.

Looking to amp up your earring style? We love pavé in all of its glossy splendor. Perfect for both day and night, a pair of mini pave huggie hoop earrings have the right amount of sparkle to garner attention and elevate any outfit. A pair of twinkling pavé huggies instantly adds subtle shine to your ear stack while not weighing you down.

Medium Hoops

We love bold statement jewelry and things we can wear every day. What's the happy middle? As any long-time hoop lover will tell you, medium-sized hoops are popular because they’re full of subtle sass and sexiness.

They flatter all face shapes, look beautiful with all hairstyles/ hair lengths, match with both simple outfits and full glam ensembles. Medium hoops also add a serious boost of style to simple outfits, making them a great way to instantly upgrade your everyday outfit.

Large Hoops

We feel naked when we're not wearing hoop earrings, which rarely happens and we're not alone. Loved by most because large hoops are provocative and in-your-face. Big, bold hoops are empowering and suitable for when you want to make a statement especially on a special occasion. 

There are so many reasons to love them. Big, bold hoops are surprisingly wearable in practically every style and metal. They compliment every face shape, but they do tend to flatter those with more angular, elongated or wide face shapes.

They go with every hairstyle, but tend to look best paired with elegant updos or slicked back hairstyles that pull hair away from the face. This allows large hoop earrings to take center stage for maximum impact. 



The width of a pair of hoop earrings often affects the types of looks it pairs well with. Casual apparel looks fantastic with slender hoops. Wide band hoop earrings have a more glamorous appeal, so they tend to pair well with dressier or evening ensembles. When thinking about the width of your hoops, it’s also important to think about the size of your hoops, since both of these measurements influence their wearability. For example, a wide yet small pair of hoops will usually still be wearable during the day, but will have a bit more grandeur than a narrower pair of small hoop earrings. To give you another example, large hoops can look a bit more delicate and understated when they’re slimmer, while a wider set will look courageously bold.

Tip: Make sure to try hoops on in front of a three-way mirror so you can accurately measure their scale.


When earring shopping, remember that certain metal colors match best with specific skin tones and each metal color channels its own sense of style. Take a look below for our cheat sheet on each metal color's strengths. 

Yellow Gold: A gleaming, classic and tasteful metal that compliments warm skin undertones.

White Gold: A glimmering, swanky and sophisticated metal color that pairs well with cool skin shades.

Rose Gold: A shimmery, romantic and trendsetting metal color that compliments neutral skin undertones.

Platinum: A radiant, opulent metal that matches well with cool skin shades.

Why not buy a brand new set of glossy hoops to add a little flair to your Zoom calls? Head-turning or subtle beauties, hoops are a go-to classic wardrobe essential that you can recycle for many years to come and wear on heavy rotation. 

We hope you have enjoyed our 'Hoop Earrings Style Guide: How to Choose the Best Hoop Earrings For You" article.  Until our next hoop earring adventure...

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