Do-Gooder Eyeglass Chain
Do-Gooder Eyeglass Chain

"Do-Gooder" Eyeglass Chain

When your glasses chain is more eye-catching than your sunnies are, you know you're doing something right.

Please your inner fashionista with our "DO-GOODER" EYEGLASS CHAIN. Crafted from a hip assortment of vibrant, multicolored lucite and alphabet flower beads.The stretchable chain attaches to the sides of your sunglasses and drapes behind your head, like a backwards necklace. Finished with clear silicone fasteners. 

Keep your sunnies from getting lost and save yourself the hassle of tucking them into the neckline of your top — ideal for those days when you're popping indoors and outdoors time and again.

Added perk, this piece doubles as a much-needed face mask holder.


Chain Length: 26"-30"

Alphabet Flower Beads

Lucite Beads

Clear Silicone Fasteners