Daphné Silver Wire Choker- jewelry store soho
Daphné Silver Wire Choker- jewelry store soho
Silver Wire Choker in Lucy's Magazine
Silver Wire Choker in Grazia Slovenia
Silver Wire Choker in Cosmopolitan Mexico
Eugenia Silva Wearing Slver Wire Choker
Silver Wire Choker in Satellite Journal

Daphné Silver Wire Choker

$ 289.00

When you want a little more from your everyday choker, this baby's got it.

SILVER WIRE CHOKER is crafted from brass and plated in an additional layer of rhodium for a long-lasting and radiant shine.


Rhodium Plated Over Brass

  • As seen in Lucy's Magazine Issue #42
  • As seen in Grazia Slovenia's March 2019 issue
  • As seen in Cosmopolitan Mexico's January 2018 issue
  • As seen on supermodel Eugenia Silva
  • As seen in Satellite Journal

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