Daphné Rose-Gold Wire Choker- jewelry store soho
Daphné Rose-Gold Wire Choker- jewelry store soho
Rose-Gold Wire Choker in Lucy's Magazine
Rose-Gold Wire Choker in Grazia Slovenia
Rose-Gold Wire Choker in Cosmopolitan Mexico
Eugenia Silver Wearing Rose-Gold Wire Choker
Rose-Gold Wire Choker in Satellite Journal

Daphné Rose-Gold Wire Choker

$ 289.00

When you want a little more from your everyday choker, this baby's got it.

ROSE-GOLD WIRE CHOKER is crafted from brass and plated in an additional layer of 18k rose gold for a long-lasting and radiant shine.


18k Rose Gold Plated Over Brass

    • As seen in Lucy's Magazine Issue #42
    • As seen in Grazia Slovenia's March 2019 issue
    • As seen in Cosmopolitan Mexico's January 2018 issue
    • As seen on supermodel Eugenia Silva
    • As seen in Satellite Journal