Alia Rose-Gold Drop Earrings-Bonheur Jewelry
Alia Rose-Gold Drop Earrings-Bonheur Jewelry
Rose-Gold Drop Earrings in Nars Ad
RIverdale's Camila Mendez Wearing Rose-Gold Drop Earrings in Emmy Magazine
Gala Gonzalez Wearing Rose-Gold Circle Earrings in iHola Magazine

Alia Rose-Gold Drop Earrings

$ 148.00

Alia Rose-Gold Drop Earrings:
Contemporary earrings with a minimal design. Perfect for all occasions.

Our Alia Gold Drop Earrings Are Crafted from Sterling Silver and plated in 18k rose gold.

  • As seen in NaRs Cosmetic's 2020 ad
  • As seen on in Emmy Magazine's September 2018 issue on Riverdale star Camila Mendes
  • As seen in iHola Fashion's May issue on Gala Gonzalez