Over time, gold filled jewelry will tarnish. However, the most important aspect in determining how long it takes for gold filled jewelry to tarnish is how well you care for it. Read the tips for below for help in maintaining gold-filled jewelry's luster.

1. Don’t allow people to touch your gold-filled jewelry. Excessive touching can lead to surface friction. This leads to reactions between the alloy and your skin and you could end up with discolored gold-filled jewelry.


2. Use only warm water and a mild soap-based detergent to clean your jewelry. Soak your jewelry pieces for no more than a minute in the water. If you have to scrub, use a gentle toothbrush. Never use tissue or any other harsh paper-based material to clean the pieces, as this could cause scratches. Always pat the jewelry dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Next, allow your jewelry to air dry overnight before storing it. When jewelry is stored with too much moisture, it can corrode and discolor. Finally, use a jewelry polishing cloth on your gold-filled pieces to bring back the original sparkle that may have dulled with the water. This often happens after gold-filled jewelry comes in contact with water and soap.


3. Do not give your jewelry a matte coating to preserve it. This coating can erode away at the gold layering, making your jewelry look unattractive.