White quartz is one of our favorite stones and we love to wear it whenever possible! Read on and find out all you need to know about this awesome gemstone.


White Quartz

#1 White quartz is the most common type of gemstone in the world and is the birthstone for those born in January.


#2 The name white quartz derives from the ancient Roman name for white Carrara marble, “cipollino” – meaning “little onion”.


#3 White quartz refers to quartz that is colorless. It usually has a milky white look and is easily mistaken for glass.


#4 White quartz is rarer than colored quartz, and thus more expensive


#5 High quality white quartz can sell for over $1,000 per carat.


#6 White Quartz is a 'stone of the mind'. It dispels negativity and clarifies perception so that thoughts are uplifting and encouraging.


#7 White quartz is only naturally found in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Mexico, and Russia.


#8 White quartz is formed where granites or lava are pressed together.


#9 White quartz is the second most popular diamond alternative for brides.


#10 White quartz was used in creation of the White House.