Which Sapphire is the Best Quality?


Which sapphire is the best quality? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about sapphires. Although it may seem like a simple question, there are actually many answers to this question.


Sapphire Color


The quality of Sapphire depends on various factors which include its color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Sapphire color is the most important of these factors. The most valuable sapphires exhibit the blue color caused by iron oxide. Sapphires that contain this blue color are more sought after than sapphires that do not, regardless of their other attributes. Therefore, the best quality sapphire is a "cornflower blue" or "royal blue" sapphire. Sapphires that are too light or too dark can also lower the value of a gemstone, but they do not affect its quality as much as a colorless sapphire would.

Natural sapphires come in heated and unheated varieties. Unheated sapphires being rarer and more costly. When sapphires undergo heat treatment, the color deepens, the clarity improves and the silk-like inclusions disappear.


Sapphire Clarity


When determining which sapphire is the best quality, clarity is considered in terms of whether or not there are flaws in the gemstone. The fewer flaws, or inclusions, there are, the better quality the sapphire will be. Sapphires should not include too many inclusions because this affects their appearances and durability.


Sapphire Cut


Sapphire cut is another important factor to take into account when choosing which sapphire is best because it can affect how light reflects from the gemstone and therefore its appearance. A common misconception is that a well-cut sapphire will have as many facets as possible. In reality, sapphires should only have as many facets as necessary to reflect light from one section to another without creating too much waste or weight.


Sapphire Carat Weight


The best quality sapphire also depends on its carat weight. Sapphires that weigh one carat or more will typically be of better quality than sapphires that weigh less. This is because they contain fewer flaws and inclusions, and they exhibit a stronger color and clarity.




The best quality sapphire is an evenly colored, pure blue sapphire with only minor imperfections such as slight internal inclusions, which are not visible to the naked eye. Natural sapphires that weigh one carat or more will typically be of better quality than sapphires that weigh less.