What to Know Before Ordering Custom Jewelry

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You’re ready to customize some bling. You’ve already decided what you want to design and have browsed through various web sites that offer custom jewelry. Now you’re ready to pull the trigger and place an order. This is when things can get tricky. Here are a few things you need to know before placing your order with a custom jeweler.



Not every jewelry store has the right experience to create custom jewelry. Some shops are more retail-oriented and have a wide variety of preordered pieces that you can choose from. It is important to research because not all jewelry stores will be able to translate your vision into the design that you hope for.



Obviously, custom made personalized jewelry takes some time to complete. You won't have the option to place an order and pick it up the following day. While it varies between custom jewelers, an average timeline might take two to three weeks for completion. It depends on the level of personalization. More complex projects might take up to six weeks to finish. Because of this, definitely give yourself a buffer period of a couple of months between when you order personalized jewelry and when you need the jewelry, just on the off-chance things move on the slower end. As long as you take your time and carefully plan ahead then there will be not be any major issues.

Why not say something sweet? Custom engravings are endearing and worth the wait, but note that it may require more time to complete your order and a tiny additional fee.



If you are looking to have a custom piece designed and crafted, plan on multiple meetings with your jeweler. You should meet at least three to four times throughout the design process so you and the bespoke jewelry company can work out all the details of your design. It usually takes about six weeks from start to finish to have bespoke jewelry created (your timing may vary depending on the complexity of your design).



Contingent upon what amount of customizations you need, the cost of custom jewelry can get exceptionally expensive. Truth be told, some pieces are up to multiple times more costly than a ring off the rack. This is on the grounds that they need additional time and more labor to complete. Although it is an exciting endeavor to design your own jewelry, it is best to practice a bit of self-constraint and to have a strict budget.

You need a solid budget plan before beginning because the cost of custom jewelry can get out of control. Most reputable jewelers can give you an estimate based on a design sketch, so that you can have a better idea of what you can expect to spend.



Trust is crucial when ordering custom made personalized jewelry. Beyond the design and pricing, it's simply a matter of trust. An artist that people trust has many customers. When we say the word jeweler, do you think of them as quiet and reserved? Enthusiastic and friendly instead? Some jewelers are one way while others are the opposite. With all those differences, what makes one jeweler trustworthy and another less so? Sure, it has something to do with being a quality designer that can deliver on their promises. But there’s more to it than that. Trust itself relies at least partially on how a bespoke jewelry company presents itself to its customers. If a business is willing to invest in developing trust through answering any questions that the consumer may have, then they’re already doing better.


In conclusion, we hope you have enjoyed our tips on what to know before ordering custom jewelry. If you have any questions about custom orders, please email us at info@bonheurjewelry.com