What is Enamel in Jewelry?


Enamel is a coating material applied to the surface of metals and other materials. This coating material is usually very smooth and has a distinctive shine. People who don't know much about enamels might only think of them as paint, but they are very different from traditional paints.

Designing and making jewelry with enamel is not like working with clay or paint. The only similarity the two have is that both are applied to a surface. Furthermore, the technique of enameling entails putting a powder coating on top of a base metal at extremely high temperatures. Enamel is a very fickle material to work with, thus requires extreme care from jewelry experts when handling.

Likewise, enamel colors are not as cut and dry as working with paint. The color of the enamel powder at the start does not necessarily match the color of the enamel powder at the end, as heating may change its color vibrancy and transparency. When compared to room temperature, higher temperatures are more likely to cause translucent enamel with vibrant colors, whereas lower temperatures are more prone to opaque enamel with decreased color vibrancy and a greater risk of being damaged.

In conclusion, enamel jewelry is a great way to express your personality and uniqueness through the use of different colors, styles and designs. Some people choose to go with an opaque finish while others prefer a transparent or translucent look. The choice is yours.