Turquoise is one of our favorite colors and we love to wear it whenever possible! Here are some fun facts about Turquoise:


#1 The word turquoise comes from the French word "turquoise" which comes from the Persian word for "blue," türkis.


#2 Turquoise is the official birthstone of December. It is the stone for those born under the astrological signs Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.


#3 Turquoise is the official state gem of Arizona.


#4 It is found in Afghanistan, Iran, the United States and Mexico.


#5 Most gems transmit light. Turquoise, however, is one of two gems which block light rather than transmit it (the other being onyx).


#6 The value of turquoise increases if it has more green in it.


#7 Very little jewelry in the market is actually real turquoise (probably less than 1%).


#8 In feng shui, turquoise's blue color is a representation of the water element. As such, turquoise gemstone's use in feng shui includes remedies to draw wealth and money as well as a treatment to improve one's health and well-being.


#9 Turquoise was a favorite gemstone of Napoleon and you can find turquoise necklaces throughout his home at Château de Malmaison.


#10 The most expensive turquoise stone ever sold was a 16,28ct cushion-shaped pendant. It sold in 2008 at Christies Auction House. Its value is approximately 23.000.000 USD.