Tennis Jewelry For The Court And Beyond


Tennis jewelry for women is becoming more and more popular. It's not just tennis players who are wearing tennis jewelry now, but women of all ages and styles. Tennis bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are being seen everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. What's behind this trend?

Tennis jewelry for women is popular because it is a a good choice for everyday wear, as it is elegant and understated. Nothing screams classic style more than wearing a clear crystal tennis bracelet or necklace.


How to Rock A Tennis Necklace Correctly


A. How to Choose the Right Setting

When it comes to tennis necklaces, there are a few things you need to take into account before making your purchase. The first thing to consider is the setting of the necklace. There are three different settings to choose from:

• Prong setting – This setting features tiny metal claws that grip the stone and hold it in place. A prong setting is the most popular type of setting, as it provides a lot of security and showcases the stone well.

• Bezel setting- It features a metal border that surrounds the stone and secures it in place. A bezel setting is ideal for protecting an expensive stone from damage.

• Pavé setting – A pavé setting features small stones set closely together to create a sparkly effect. This type of setting is often used for accent stones, as it can be pretty expensive to use a lot of costly stones in this way.


B. How to Get the Fit Right

A tennis necklace is a fashionable accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. But how do you wear one without looking like you're headed to the courts? Here are a few tips:

Tennis chokers are the latest must-have fashion accessory, but how can you be sure you're choosing the right one? With so many different styles on the market, it can be tricky to know where to start. However, there are a few key things to look for when choosing a tennis choker necklace. Firstly, make sure that the length is correct. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose - it should sit comfortably around your neck. Secondly, check that the clasp is secure. There's nothing worse than having your choker come undone in the middle of an event.


C. How to Choose the Right Thickness

First, choose the right tennis choker. A thinner choker will look more delicate, while a thicker one will make more of a statement. If you're not sure which style to go for, err on the side of caution and opt for a thinner choker.


D. How to Choose the Right Color

Sterling silver tennis jewelry complements cool skin tones by adding a touch of brightness and contrast. If you have a cool skin tone, then opt for platinum or sterling silver tennis jewelry to enhance your look.

Gold tennis jewelry is the perfect choice to complement warm skin tones. Gold tennis jewelry will add a touch of richness and glamour, giving you a more polished look.


E. What to Wear With It

Next, consider what you'll be wearing with your choker. A tennis choker necklace looks great with a collared shirt or V-neck sweater. If you're going for a more casual look, pair it with a button-down shirt or even a T-Shirt.

Diamond tennis jewelry looks great with anything, from a formal gown to jeans and a T-shirt. However, you'll want to avoid pairing diamond tennis jewelry with other large, sparkly jewelry pieces. If you're wearing a tennis choker or bracelet, keep your earrings and necklace simple.


F. How to layer tennis chains

Layering tennis chains is a great way to add interest and depth to your look. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

1. Create a staggered effect by choosing a few different tennis chains in different lengths.

2. Make sure the chains are of different thicknesses. If they are all the same thickness, this looks a bit too uniform and boring.

3. Don't be afraid to mix metals. One color is fine, but mixing silver and gold chains looks especially great.


How to Choose the Perfect Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a must-have for any woman's jewelry collection. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect one:

1. Consider your skin tone . If you have a cool skin tone, go for a platinum or sterling silver tennis bracelet. If you have a warm skin tone, go for a gold tennis bracelet.

2. Consider your style . If you're looking for something classic, go for a clear crystal tennis bracelet. If you want something more trendy, choose a bracelet with colorful stones.

3. Consider the occasion . If you're going to an event, choose a more formal tennis bracelet. If you're just wearing it for everyday wear, go for something less formal.

4. Consider the size . You don't want a bracelet that's too tight or too loose - it should fit comfortably on your wrist.

5. Consider the material . A sterling silver tennis bracelet is a classic choice, but you can also choose gold, platinum, or other materials. A gold tennis bracelet is perfect for a more glamorous look.


How to Choose the Right Tennis Earrings

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a tennis enthusiast or simply want to add a touch of silver bling to your look, buying a pair of tennis earrings can be the perfect way to do it. But with so many different options available, how do you choose the perfect pair? Here are some tips:

- Firstly, consider the person you’re buying for. Is she sporty and active, or does she prefer a more classic, feminine style? Tennis earrings come in a range of different styles, so it’s important to pick the right ones.

- Consider the occasion. Are you looking for something special to wear to a tennis match or something to wear every day? Again, there are different options to choose from.

- Think about the color of the earrings. Silver tennis earrings are versatile and will go with pretty much any outfit, but you can also find tennis earrings in other colors such as gold and rose gold.

-Silver tennis earrings compliment cool skin tones, while warmer skin tones can opt for gold or rose gold.

-A jewelry set always looks better than buying items separately, and you can be sure that you’ll find a tennis jewelry set that matches your style perfectly. An excellent tennis bracelet and earrings set can make you look instantly polished while investing minimal time in getting ready.

-When choosing tennis jewelry, it’s important to find pieces that are both stylish and durable. tennis bracelets and earrings are often worn during physical activities, so it’s important to find pieces that will withstand daily wear and tear.



Tennis Jewelry is a great way to add some elegance to your outfit. Whether you're going for a classic or trendy look, there's a style of tennis jewelry that will suit you. Remember to consider the length, thickness, color, and material when choosing the right piece for you. And don't forget to layer! By following these tips, you can create a look that's unique to you.