Fun Facts About September's Birthstone-Sapphire

You know what blue gemstone is our favorite? It's sapphire. Read on for some fun facts about this dazzling gem.

#1 Sapphires are the birthstone for the month of September.


#2 True blue sapphires rank second only to diamonds in hardness and can only be scratched by diamonds or moissanite.


#3 Sapphires are the national gemstone of several countries including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia and Tanzania.


#4 Sapphires come in shades of white, blue, yellow, orange and purple.


#5 Sapphires are one of few precious gemstones that can be found in abundance in large sizes


#6 Most sapphires in jewelry are heated or treated in some way to enhance color and clarity.


#6 On average, the price of sapphires increases 10-20% annually


#7 Pink sapphires are called ruby if they are vivid in their pink color.


#8 According to Greek mythology, Zeus and Aphrodite created sapphires.


#9 The largest cut sapphire belongs to the crown jewels of France. It weighs about 534 cts and was cut at the time of Louis XIV


#10 Another famous sapphire is the Star of Bombay, which is 177 carats and located in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.