Rose Gold vs White Gold


Rose gold vs white gold - the eternal dilemma. Which is better? After all, both are fantastic options for those who prefer non-yellow metals and want to stand out from the crowd…


Rose gold jewelry has a vintage appeal with a romantic connotation. It is a very feminine and romantic tone.

On the other hand, white gold jewelry is more of a classic choice that doesn't imply anything particular about you but merely looks classy, elegant and timeless. White gold jewelry is also perfect for both those who want to wear something traditional as well as for those who prefer contemporary styles.


Rose gold complements all skin tones. It looks equally great on those with fair skin as well as those with darker complexions. Whereas, white gold is best suited for cooler skin tones by flattering pink and bluish undertones.


Gold is a soft, malleable metal that needs to be mixed with other alloy metals to make it strong enough for everyday wear.

Rose gold is often mixed with copper to create the traditional pink hue associated with it. Whereas, yellow and white gold are typically mixed with a combination of zinc, copper, nickel, iron, cadmium, aluminium, silver, platinum and palladium to improve their durability. In addition to the alloy mixture, white gold often contains a top layer of rhodium plating to create its bright color.


Rose gold vs white gold jewelry - pick your color, but just remember to check for quality with every purchase. Both rose gold and white gold are beautiful options when you need something a little different than standard yellow gold. Just remember to look closely at the karat and quality of the metal before you buy!