Radiant Cut vs Emerald


One of the most frequently asked questions at Bonheur is, "Which are better for rings, emerald cut or radiant cut diamonds?" So let's take a look at each style...


First, Let’s Talk Similarities...


An elongated radiant cut diamond resembles a classic emerald cut diamond in that they are both lengthy rectangular shapes with parallel sides. They both have sloping or sharply cut corners, which create less chipping and a stronger stone. They are also both fancy shapes that have their own unique faceting style, which is a major factor in how different they can appear.


Now, A Few Reasons They Are Different...


Emerald cut is a step-cut style, meaning the facets are arranged in a parallel fashion. They also possess a large open table so when you look straight in to these fancy shape diamonds, you can clearly see through the stone. This cut, though less fiery than a brilliant gemstone, is known for its flashes of light and dramatic elegance.

On the other hand, Radiant cut diamonds have a greater sparkle. Radiant cuts are similar in fire and brilliance to brilliant cut diamonds, but with a square or rectangular silhouette and cut corners.Their triangular facets are arranged in a brilliant cut style.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there is an initial similarity between radiant cut vs emerald, but they take on a unique personality with their own distinct faceting style.

We believe that either of these diamonds would be an excellent choice in the correct setting. It is entirely up to you and your unique style preferences, but we hope this article helps you decide.