Radiant Cut Versus Cushion Cut


A gemstone cut can be very important to the value of a stone. When you look at two diamonds, side-by-side in an identical setting, the quality of the cut can make one diamond look far more brilliant than another. Now, let's examine the differences between radiant cut versus cushion cut diamonds.




First, cushion cut diamonds have curved sides that appear rounded and full resembling a plush pillow. Whereas, radiant cut diamonds have sharp, angular corners chiseled at a 45 degree angle.




Although both diamond shapes contain brilliant facet patterns, a cushion cut has larger facets than those of a radiant cut. Cushion cuts contain 58 larger facets, while radiant cuts have 70 smaller sized ones.




They are both great cuts, each one with their own unique personality, so if you found a stone that caught your eye it is up to you to decide which of these fancy shapes is the best fit for you.


Color & Clarity


Brilliant cuts are able to mask imperfections in diamonds, making color and clarity between these two stone shapes indistinguishable.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, both radiant and cushion cut diamonds are brilliant jewels that can be used in any type of setting. Cushion cuts have more character and detail than a radiant, so they fit well in vintage or antique settings. In contrast, radiant cuts look magnificent in modern designs. The choice is yours!