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How to Measure Ring Size at Home

It's confusing trying to find the perfect fit, especially when you're buying rings online. Whether you're looking for your first ring or you're already a stacking connoisseur, we've got your back!

How to Find Your Ring Size with a Ring Chart

There are several ways to find your ring size. The first step is to print out our handy ring size measurement chart below.

how to measure ring size infographic

1. How to Measure Ring Size with String

  • Simple, use a non-stretchable string or floss and wrap it around the finger you want to wear your ring on.
  • Make sure to wrap it around the widest part of your finger. Also, make sure there is no space left where the string or floss intersects.
  • Cut the string where it is intersecting.
  • Measure the length of the string on the metric size of the ruler for accurate results.
  • Look at the ring sizer chart and locate the size measurement scale.
  • Locate your size on the measurement scale given on the chart.

2. How to Find Out Your Ring Size Using Paper

  • First, cut a thin piece of paper and wrap it around the finger you want to put your ring on. Make sure to keep it close to your knuckle.
  • Mark the area where the papers intersects and measure the length using a ruler.
  • Now, locate your size on the measurement scale given on a ring size chart.

3. How to Measure Ring Size with a Ring

  • Take the ring that fits you perfectly.
  • Place the perfectly sized ring on top of the circles given on the ring size chart.
  • If the circle is barely visible after you place your ring on top of it, then it is your ring size.

Quick Ring Sizing Tips

Body Temperature: It is important to remember that temperature alters your finger size. The fingers shrink when it is cold and expand when it is hot. Therefore, before measuring your ring size, make sure the temperature around you is lukewarm.

Time of Day: In the morning, fingers are the smallest and remember that sizing up is a much more costly option. The best time of day to measure your fingers is at night — when they are slightly larger — to ensure a comfortable fit.

Make it Count: Before deciding on the final size, we encourage you to measure at least 3-4 different times using the ring size measurement chart.