How to Wear Statement Jewelry-Do's & Don'ts

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Whether you're in the office or brunching on the weekend, let your jewels take center stage with smashing statement jewelry. So, what exactly is statement jewelry? Well, just as the name suggests it is a piece of in-your-face jewelry that makes a style declaration. Think of it as an exclamation point for your outfit.

Dynamic jewelry done right can make you feel like a fashion goddess and if done wrong, can make you look like a fashion victim. Let’s explore some basic jewelry rules for these steal-the-show trinkets.

Statement jewelry, how to style it?



It is something of an art form to create a fashion-forward look via fun statement pieces. Like most things in art, it's typically a good idea to mix and match. Gone are the days of outdated “matchy-matchy” clothing and accessories. Play around with your look by pairing gold alongside silver pieces, infusing long and short necklace lengths together and displaying custom designs with more traditional trinkets. If you are nervous about mixing your many loud statement pieces together, wearing a matching set of gold jewelry is never a bad idea, either.


It’s easy to get swept up in the appeal of shining baubles or glittering metal and believe that the more the better. Unless the goal is to make your jewelry the focal point of the outfit, like at a jewelry auction, it’s best to follow the less is more rule. If you’re wearing a lavish outfit then the addition of theatrical jewelry can easily verge on overkill.

Believe it or not, too much glitz can sometimes be a negative thing. You don't want to compete with your large statement bracelet for attention. You only need a few pieces of chic jewelry per social event. Plus, the strongest statement is often a solo statement piece.


Just as it is easy to overdo it with statement jewelry pieces, it is easy to under-do it as well. Large statement jewelry is all about making a statement, obviously. You don’t want that statement being “I was too scared to take a risk.”

Big statement jewelry pieces sometimes need the help of small accomplices a.k.a accent pieces. Sometimes the accent piece is the makeup style, an element of your outfit or even a hairstyle idea. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your statement jewelry piece needs more oomph. The goal is maximum fashion impact.


Do pair a big chunky statement necklace with a basic tee. Introducing a head-turning necklace to your wardrobe collection can enhance even the most basic articles of clothing. In fact, the more basic the base clothing, the better! Coupling an edgy statement necklace with a simple v-neck can do wonders and seamlessly shift your outfit from day to-night. A bold necklace will follow the shape of the your v-neck t-shirt and fill in the empty space. Plus, it's a perfect excuse to call attention to your décolletage.


Big, bold statement jewelry in brave, eye-catching colors is a great way to dress up less than spectacular outfits or add a new dramatic touch to your old favorites. It's fun being "extra" and wearing dramatic pieces like multi colored statement earrings in vivid colors is a surefire way to add a touch of daring to every ensemble.


When wearing statement earrings, it is best to keep your hair sleek and not too large. Note, it’s all about balance. With simple earrings, you can pump up the volume while a larger pair of statement earrings demand relaxed waves or pin-straight hair. Try drawing your hair up into a chic chignon, as an alternative.


Wearing a statement ring will draw attention to your hands and nails, so make sure that you have a fresh, flawless manicure with polish. Choose nail polish colors that do not clash with the colors in your statement ring. Avoid wearing a colorful ring with a multi-colored manicure, nail art and micro glitter nail polish. While this may look adorable on a teenager, it translates as unrefined for an adult.


As the saying goes, go big or go home! It takes boldness to wear statement jewelry, as it doesn't ask for attention, it demands it. Sometimes the best accessory is confidence.


The best jewelry for a woman is the one that makes her feel great each and every day. If you invest in statement jewelry, then you are making a long-term commitment to yourself. It means that you value your appearance and you want it to reflect in your glamorous style.

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