Top Tips: How to Wear Jewelry in the Workplace

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If you're having a hard time figuring out which jewelry in the workplace is appropriate, here are ten tips for making sure your accessories come across as polished and professional instead of flashy:

» Tip 1: No more than three earrings per ear.

This is the number-one rule for wearing jewelry at work. Most experts agree that too many earrings can make you look like a teenager, not to mention distracting coworkers and making your outfit look disorganized.

» Tip 2: Matching, not identical.

It's best to stick with three different pieces of jewelry in order to keep your office outfits looking polished and put together. Wearing three identical earrings, for example, is a big no-no.

» Tip 3: Layer your necklaces carefully. 

Just because you can find a thousand and one ways to wear layered necklaces doesn't mean you should do it everyday at the office -- or even every week! Save this look for Saturday nights out, but when you do pull it off, make sure no layer is longer than two inches.

» Tip 4: Avoid oversized statement rings.

Don't wear oversized statement rings that draw too much attention to themselves and take away from how you present yourself as a whole. The worst kind of bold rings to wear at work are ones with glitzy bling on the sides or patterned ones that flash. You don't want your colleagues distracted by your rings and not hearing a word of what you say.

Do save your bold rings for special occasions and save the business look for work. If there are office parties or casual Fridays at your workplace, it's okay to wear your statement jewelry then.

» Tip 5: Accessorize, but don't overwhelm.

Overly flashy jewelry looks unprofessional. A loose diamond or rhinestone in your necklace, a ring that looks too much like a cocktail ring or a bracelet that's more glitz than it is business can make you look like an extra from "Sex and the City". Save the flashy jewelry, although beautiful, for special occasions.

» Tip 6: Select jewelry that doesn't jangle. 

When you choose earrings, bracelets and necklaces, select pieces that aren't too large but also don't make noise when they move against each other. Be careful not to let your jewelry clink around when you are typing on a keyboard or operating machinery, it is distracting and dangerous depending on the work you do.

» Tip 7: Maintain an even color palette.

Wearing one red accessory, such as a scarf or ruby studs, is fine. But wearing an all-red ensemble is too much; it will detract from the rest of your outfit and look unprofessional.

» Tip 8: Keep bright colors to a minimum.

Bright blue, orange and yellow are eye-catching hues that can make your coworkers think you're following them around all day. Save these jolly shades for weekend wear to avoid this irksome impression.

» Tip 9: Make sure your jewelry is in tip-top shape.

Your appearance speaks volumes about how much time you spend on yourself, so think twice before leaving the house in wrinkled clothes or scratched jewelry. Sparkling jewelry that is clean, bright with a high-polish finish sends the right message to your co-workers i.e. that you respect yourself and take pride in your work and appearance.

» Tip 10: Go for Quality over Quantity 

If you want to wear accessories in the workplace, it's essential to pay attention to quality over quantity. It's better to settle on one or two high-quality pieces that you love and take care of as opposed to buying lots of cheap items that will end up getting damaged in short order.


As you may have realized by now, the look you present to your colleagues and clients has a lot more to do with what's on the inside than just what you wear. However, we can't deny that looking good also helps. Our tips are meant to help you present yourself as a calm, collected individual who is confident in her work and her appearance. Remember that your attitude is the most important aspect of how you present yourself and that confidence will help pull off any look.