How to Travel with Jewelry Safely


Traveling with jewelry can be stressful. You have to worry about whether or not you packed everything, that nothing has been stolen and that all of your belongings are safe once you arrive at your destination. One of the best ways to ensure this is through proper storage and transportation of your jewelry.

In order to make your travel experience as stress free as possible, here are a few tips that you should follow.

1. Pack as little jewelry as you can to match what you’ll be wearing. Be savvy by bundling outfits that work together, that are in similar color palettes or complement each other enough to allow you to match different outfits with the same few pieces of jewelry. An added bonus of this technique is that it will save you from paying hefty fees when it comes to checking in heavy luggage.


2. Leave the fine jewels at home. If you are packing for a trip in just a few days, you probably don't need to take all of your diamond rings or expensive necklaces with you on that family vacation. Keep it simple and just pack the stuff that means the most to you or that you would hate the most if it were gone. Pack only the necessities. If you have more jewelry than this, you risk being targeted by thieves.


Consider swapping out expensive fine jewelry pieces for high end costume jewelry when traveling. This way, if your luggage does get lost or stolen, you won't be completely heartbroken. (Unless of course the high end costume jewelry is sentimental or valuable for some other reason.)


3. Take an inventory list. Before you curate your jewelry and leave for a trip, take an inventory list of the items in your suitcase. If you’re not carrying anything too valuable on the plane, this might not be necessary. However, if you are bringing something of value along with you, it is best to know specifically what is in your purse or carry-on bag so that if something does go missing, you have a better chance of getting it back.

Don't forget to keep your inventory list in a safe place.


4. The best way to pack jewelry for travel is by using a jewelry roll. This will keep all of your jewelry safe and organized, so you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing anything. A jewelry roll will also reduce the amount of space your jewelry takes up in your bag, which will make it easier to fit everything you need. You can just unzip, choose your outfit, and go!


Try to pack a few anti-tarnish strips alongside your precious jewelry and seal everything in individual, airtight poly bags before placing away in the pockets of your jewelry roll. This will protect your jewelry from any harmful chemicals the airplane cabin may contain, keeping your beautiful pieces looking as good as new!


5. Another good option when traveling is a jewelry box. When traveling with your jewelry it is best to keep everything in a single place. Keeping all of your belongings bundled up together allows you to determine whether or not any items are missing before getting started on the trip and prevents you from forgetting anything once you are about to leave. It can be difficult to hold onto several pieces of luggage, as well as your passport and other important documents. With a jewelry box, you will find that everything is in one place and it will be easier to keep track of all of your items.


6. As an alternative to using a jewelry box, you can choose to use a jewelry pouch instead. A pouch may be more convenient if you own a lot of jewelry and will need to access it often. Jewelry pouches are typically made with soft fabric such as velvet and some have multiple compartments in order to separate your items within the pouch such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. If you choose to use a pouch there are still some items you need to consider:


You want to choose a pouch that is soft and flexible, not stiff or rigid. You also want to ensure the zipper is sturdy and won't accidentally unzip by itself. It is also a good idea to choose a pouch that closes at the top with a flap instead of a zipper in case you want your items to be out of sight.


7. Avoid checking luggage when possible. There are a lot of horror stories about luggage getting lost or stolen, and there is also a chance that your checked bag will get delayed when traveling to its destination. Always pack your jewelry in a bag that is completely separate from any baggage that contains clothes. This way, if your suitcase is ever stolen, you'll still have all of your items on you.

9. Find a safe hiding spot. This method doesn't necessarily keep your precious jewelry safe, but it increases the chances of security and lessens the odds that they will get stolen. A hidden space in your carry-on luggage will not be found easily and, even if it is found, it will take a long time to find the items inside. This process would deter most thieves from attempting to access your luggage at all. Hide your precious jewelry somewhere non-obvious where you think no one would look, such as in an empty shoe or between clothes.


10. If you’re wearing personal jewelry at airport security, you need not take it off. Placing your personal jewelry in those containers increases the likelihood of loss, damage and theft. Wand searches are still being used and you can simply ask for one, so you won’t have to part with your personal treasures. If you are traveling with a lot of valuable jewelry and don’t want to put it on public display, you can ask for a private search in an area separate from public view. It would be wise to insist on supervisor’s presence as an additional safety measure.


11. For extra safety, consider investing in a TSA-approved padlock. Just attach this small lock to your luggage and it is sure to deter any would-be thieves from trying to get through your suitcase. This also makes it easier for you when going through the security line at the airport!


12. Keep an eye on your belongings. This includes any checked bags as well as carry-on items. Avoid leaving bags unattended, and make sure that you keep a constant watch over them when going through security checkpoints. Sometimes things get lost or misplaced during the x-ray process, so it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your stuff while it is being scanned.


13. While staying at a hotel, the safest place for your stockpile of jewels is in your room's hotel safe (if you have your own combination that only you have access to) or in the hotel’s safe deposit box. There are other clever ways of storing your valuable jewelry- in falsely labeled containers (curled in bubble wrap so it doesn’t rattle), in your clothing, etc. Try to get creative.


You should also take precautions. It's not that hotels are unsafe, but there is such a high turnover rate of people coming and going every day. Someone could take advantage of the opportunity and separate you from your jewelry in no time at all. Thus, it is best to take precautions.


14. Don't be a flashy tourist. The first step to traveling with jewelry is not to look like a flashy tourist. This means leaving your fine jewels at home if they make you stand out as a tourist. Pick pockets and thieves are often looking for an easy target and they will especially seek out someone who looks like a new arrival to the area. Look like you know what you're doing and blend in.


15. Take your jewelry off when you are in crowded places or busy streets. Not only will this help you avoid pick pockets but it is also better for your own safety and security. When you have a necklace on, it can be accidentally caught in someone else's bag or coat sleeve. If the clasp breaks, it could get lost.


One of the biggest fears tourists have while traveling is being pick pocketed. Unfortunately, this can happen even to the most vigilant traveler if they aren't careful. One of the easiest ways for a thief to get your attention is to bump into you or brush up against you in a crowded area, so it's best not to wear jewelry when going through crowded, tourist-heavy areas.


16. If you find yourself traveling with large, luxe jewelry, be sure to get it insured. Jewelry insurance is great because it covers all types of loss or damage including robbery, house fires and even acts of nature like floods or earthquakes.

Jewelry insurance is different than the type of travel insurance that covers luggage or lost baggage. Although you can buy both from one company, there are still some differences between the two types of policies when it comes to claiming a loss. Also, if you're traveling coast-to-coast with lots of jewelry, you should purchase separate jewelry insurance from luggage insurance.

In the event that you do lose your jewelry, or it gets stolen from your room or hotel safe, you'll need to file a claim with the insurer as soon as possible. Most policies state that you must notify them within a few days of discovering your loss. Also, make sure to keep receipts for any type of repair or reasons to account for any loss.


In conclusion, there's no "perfect" way to curate jewelry for travel. There are many options, depending on your needs and preferences. Do you want to be able to quickly access your jewelry? Do you want to be able to wear it around your neck? Do you prefer traveling with only a few pieces of jewelry that are easy to keep track of? All these factors will affect how you pack and keep your jewels safe.


The important thing is to do your research, choose the method that best suits you, take good care of your jewels and make sure to bring extra pieces incase your originals are lost or stolen.