How To Stack Rings Like a Pro

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Ring stacking is all about finding a balance between individual pieces and the overall look. Here are some tips to make your ring stack stand out...


An important golden rule for layering rings is to start from the bottom. This will ensure you create a stable stack of rings that won't topple over as easily and also avoid smashing your fingers with any heavy top-heavy rings!


In order to avoid some unnecessary struggle, make use of small delicate rings. Dainty ring styles are more comfortable for stacking and blend together with little effort in comparison to chunky ring styles that call for a lot of trial and error.


First, mixing metals in your layered ring stack is absolutely ok and it can really help to highlight contrasting colors. If you’re wearing a yellow gold band with diamonds on one hand, mix the same ring style but in a different metal (silver) for another stack; this creates contrast while still mixing metals so that they all look cohesive together.

It is also ok to mix in different band widths. However, when combining thicker and thinner rings together, keep in mind that it is essential to place the thicker rings at the base of your finger and complete the finger with the thinner rings. Meaning, go thick-to-thin, don’t go the other way around. Thin-to-thick will give the appearance that your thinner rings are being squished.


Resist the temptation to put on rings until all fingers are full. Part of the beauty of stacked rings is playing with negative space, so try to leave at least one finger bare. For the perfect balance, experiment with 1, 3 and 5 fingers (out of ten).


Don't forget your pinky when ring stacking! Experts recommend wearing the biggest statement ring on your pinky finger and stacking it with a thin band for added measure. Remember to keep one hand as "statement-free" as possible, so that everything in your outfit isn't competing for attention!


Inquire about raiding your grandmother's ring box. It's the ideal location for a retro glam find. We adore mixing vintage and art deco treasures with contemporary pieces.


The cream of the crop eternity rings exist in a limitless variety of designs, sizes and pricing points when it comes to stacking. Don't be scared to stack one, two, or three eternity rings on top of each other. A baguette eternity band will add a touch of class to your look. An eternity band with a princess cut is pure glitz. Whichever stackable rings you choose, more is always better.


If you've spent money on a statement piece like an engraved signet ring, you'll want to give it a chance to breathe. This ring requires space to stand alone, so avoid stacking it with lots of other rings, especially large ones. Wearing your engraved signet ring alone on one finger and then complementing it with other rings on other fingers or hands is a fantastic option.


The thumb is a lot different than all the other fingers. The thumb is not as delicate, so you can stack it more like bracelets and less like individual digits. You want to choose your favorite style of ring for this finger - whether it's an everyday band or something with some bling (rocks).

To give your hands a fresh makeover by wearing rings that have an open silhouette and are comfortable to wear. The best way to wear an open ring is as one single piece, allowing the sleek design to be seen clearly. For less formal events, opt for open rings that are simple in style - like a classic tube ring with some diamonds or crystal detailing. For formal events or black-tie occasions, choose an open ring with a noticeable silhouette and make your thumb ring one of the main focal pieces.


Stackable midi rings are for when you want to add a bit of glamour to your day-to-day outfits. The best part about this type of ring is that they're so versatile; most people will find themselves wearing them with different outfits. Starting off the day in a more casual setting? Stack on three or four gold midis for an edgier, cool vibe. Transitioning into evening and want to change up your look? Add a pavé midi ring or two for instant sparkle.


Point all rings in the same direction. The reason for this is because rings prongs will easily get caught on many items such as your knit sweater when pointed in different directions and it may also pull at your skin or cut off circulation.


We hope you have enjoyed our tips on how to up your ring game. Remember that the key to all of this is being confident. We hope you have a better understanding of how to stack rings and now feel more comfortable with just about any style, whether it be simple or extravagant!

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