How to Stack Earrings: All About the #EarParty

Ear Stacking Ideas

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It's time to get your ears ready for the #earparty. It's that time of year again where earrings are in full swing! With so many options, it is a little overwhelming picking out which ones to wear together. So we're here to help you stack your favorite pieces and make sure they all coordinate perfectly with one another.


This is the easiest way to create the perfect earring stack. Pick a single color or style and pair them with their closest matches. This ensures that they will all match when worn together, while also keeping your look cohesive and chic!


Perfect ear-piercing placement is essential. Don't make the mistake of getting a row of stacked ear piercings that are closely packed together then accenting them with oversized studs that completely cover the curve of the ear. Part of creating a beautiful design is to play with negative space. Wearing multiple earrings should look polished, but an overly cluttered ear comes off as sloppy and never looks beautiful. It is always best to opt for neat, tiny solitaire earrings.


Consider your ear shape because not every ear has enough space to house multiple lobe piercings or the correct cartilage contour for an inner ear-piercing. What type of ear piercings and earrings will look good on you depends largely on your ear anatomy. For example, If you have small or dainty ears then the best earrings for you are petite and lightweight. Cute stud earrings work well because they don't take up too much space in your pierced holes but still make a statement with their style.


The traditional stacking method involves wearing the longest earring at the bottom and gradually working your way up to shorter pairs as you go up the ear. This is a good general rule to follow but often longer earrings are not even that long. In this case, you'll want to wear them at the top and work your way down as a counterpoint to their length.

Another thing to consider when stacking earrings is how long your hair is. If you have short to medium length hair, shorter earrings look great worn at the top and moving down as they get longer. If you have very long hair then make sure that when pairing two or more types of different-sized earrings (longer mixed with shorter), wear them in sequence from shortest to longest.


Huggie mini hoop earrings are perfect for placing higher up the helix of the ear for a trés cool look or you can use them as an alternative to studs in your second ear-piercing. The best part about huggie mini hoop earrings is that these everyday earrings hug up close and cozy against your skin, so they are one of the best earrings for sensitive ears or extra-sensitive piercings!


While creating a curated ear doesn’t necessarily have any limits, choosing a favorite pair of nice earrings and then creating a story around it is the secret to a winning ear stack.

This storytelling approach can work with any earring. One of the best examples is a set that starts with two solitaire earrings and then progresses to something like a hoop, followed by a vintage cuff or long dangle earrings for an extra dramatic touch. Whatever you choose, make sure all your earrings have something in common.


As if having multiple piercings isn't badass enough, throw in an unexpected statement piece. When it comes to lobe earrings, sometimes more is more. A large hoop earring is perfect for your first ear-piercing, then stack it with subtle partners like smaller studs or even a cartilage hoop. Add more, but keep mismatched earrings equal in measure. Offset larger earrings with smaller styles like a cartilage hoop to keep your ear stack uncluttered.


For more intrigue, add a dangling pair of waterfall earrings. These trending earrings look best when worn in your first lobe piercing, so you can complement them with cute studs and little hoop earrings in your other piercings. The longer your cascading pair of waterfall earrings are, the more intense your stacked earrings will be.


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A simple way to dress up your curated ear is by wearing a matching earring pin. These trending earrings are small metal pieces, usually a bit more ornate than regular earrings. They slide down into your ears and dress up an otherwise simple stack of small studs or hoops. Wearing a pair of hip pin earrings allows you to choose different colors or shapes of studs for the top and bottom sets which will give your curated look that extra oomph!


The ear cuff earrings trend is still going strong and for good reason. These super modern earrings are typically thin enough to slide onto a lobe like a normal stud or little hoop earrings without needing any additional weight support, but not always! If you're stacking your ear cuff earrings with heavier pieces in the form of drop earrings (read: anything more than .75" long), you're going to want to anchor them with a thin, lightweight cuff or two on the opposite ear. This will help balance out the weight and keep both sides from drooping down lower than they should.


A tragus piercing instantly adds a boost to any stacked ear. Small, cute stud earrings are an excellent option for tragus piercings because they are comfortable and available in a variety of styles. When you opt for a minimalist tiny stud for your tragus area, this delicate earring style usually blends in seamlessly and complements all other piercings effortlessly. However, you can also mix things up with mismatched earrings by adding a touch of color with an enamel earring or a touch of luxe with a pavé huggie hoop.

Likewise, a helix piercing adds an edgy and innovative twist to your ear stack. Everyday earrings like dainty hoops are ideal for this area because this delicate earring style hangs gently from your helix piercings without pulling.


A pair of simple bar stud earrings is a perfect start to a stacked ear. Bar stud earrings are best stacked with studs or other small earrings. This creates a more cohesive look when wearing multiple earrings and keeps the weight of the bars from pulling on your ear lobes too much. Larger earrings can be placed closer together rather than smaller ones – but keep a distance between each set so they don’t touch.


Thread earrings are thin, long chain earrings that are best when used as a base in an ear stack. This way, these long chain earrings act as the bottom of the stack and are easily seen by those looking at you from close-up angles or on your profile side (if someone is sitting next to you). Thread earrings will be the focal point of your stack and should give you that "wow" factor from across the room.


If you need an easy and elegant look for your ear stacking that doesn't require much thought or effort, then cute studs are the perfect choice. In particular, a minimalistic stack of tiny studs is always a timeless and classy option.

The first and most popular way to stack stud earrings is by alternating between tiny studs, trendy hoop earrings or danglers on each ear. This works especially well for two similarly shaped pieces of jewelry that are not too different in size (in order to avoid a lopsided effect).

The second method to stacking studs is to choose a theme for your earring stacks. For instance, you might have several different pairs of studs shaped like stars or hearts that work well together. Additionally, if you want the perfect accessory for your ear lobes, but don’t know where to start then try purchasing a prearranged set of nice earrings with different shapes that include several pairs. They will likely work with one another just fine.


Most people know that stacking earrings can cause discomfort or damage if they wear too many at once. This problem is especially true for those who like to stack their piercings with dangly pieces of jewelry.

Stick to lightweight earring styles. Buy earrings that are dainty and won’t stretch out your ear lobe piercings the way that heavy earrings might. Sticking to small earrings, tiny hoops or even dainty threader earrings can help keep your ear lobe piercings small and supported.

Wear heavy earrings only for a short duration. Try to limit the weight you place on your ear lobes by reserving heavy earrings for special occasions. If you do plan to wear heavy earrings, make sure to take them off as soon as your event is over. Also, try to buy earrings that are hollowed out in order to reduce the weight on your lobes.


Ear climber earrings typically serve as the bottom of an earring stack. Add a second layer of studs or dangles to your ear stack to balance out any thin areas on either side of your ears. Wearing an ear climber at the top of your earring stack can also be done. Try wearing a small or delicate design on the bottom row and then adding something bolder at the top. This will create a nice contrast between the two sides of your stack.

Some people choose to wear climber earrings worn in the same direction as all other studs or dangles on their ears. If you are wearing a second layer of stacker earrings, they should also face forward to maintain balance and symmetry. This way the weight of the climber earrings finds balance with the rest of your stacker earrings. On the reverse side, some people choose to wear earring crawlers that face in the opposite direction of other studs or dangles on their ears, but this may cause unevenness in an ear stack when worn too high up on the ears.

If you want to wear more than one pair of ear climber earrings around an ear stack, then it is best to choose identical ear crawlers because they will have a similar weight and balance.


These super modern earrings act as the connectors between a pair of dangling chains. Connector Earrings are sometimes small studs or long, thin pieces with gems on them so they look like drops. These types of earrings work well in an ear stack when there is not enough room for another dangling earring and you need to fill in space at the back of the ear. Connector earrings also work well when you want to wear multiple pairs of danglers at the same time.


When it comes to stacking trendy hoop earrings, there are many different ways you can potentially layer earrings to create an edgy and stylish look. The first technique is by tapering your hoops towards the back of the ear so that they become progressively smaller mimicking the natural shape of the ear. The widest hoop earring looks best placed in the widest area of the ear, which is the ear lobe and then progressively getting smaller.

The second technique for stacking hoop earrings is by alternating between tiny stud earrings and hoops. This will provide a break from the heavy weight of hoops and creates a beautiful pattern.

Another method for stacking hoop earrings is by linking your hoops together in three different sections; one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. All three sections connect via a chain that also keeps each hoop stable.


Think the most stylish jackets are hanging in your closet? Think again! One hot trend you don't want to miss is earring jackets. These baubles are statement pieces on their own and don’t need much outside help. A classic ear cuff or simple stud is all you really need to create the perfect ear collage. Just don't forget to put your hair up and let these cool earrings shine.



In the world of earring stacks, there are few rules. You can mix and match tiny stud earrings with hoops, dangle earrings with chandeliers, whatever you want! The only rule to follow when stacking earrings is to use your instinct as it guides you in choosing which cool earrings look best on you.