How to Prevent Silver from Tarnishing


There is a very "hot" debate between some jewelers about silver tarnishing. According to the American Jewelry and Metalsmithing Association, located in New York, USA, most silver will naturally tarnish over time. However, it's possible to minimize its effect on your jewelry. Here are ten ways you can reduce the chance of your silver tarnishing.

✖️ Keep your silver clean! This will keep your silver from tarnishing by keeping unwanted substances from settling on it. If you notice silver getting dingy, wash it with soap and water. If that doesn't clean it up then use a special polish for silver.

✖️ Keep your silver in a closed place, such as a drawer or cabinet. Oxygen can tarnish silver.

✖️ Do not wear jewelry around water if you don't want it to tarnish. This will prevent the moisture from forming and causing your silver to become dull. Also, only clean with special types of products that are certified safe for jewelry and silver.

✖️ Keep away from any chemicals (perfume, paint thinner, gasoline, etc.) These types of chemicals will tarnish silver almost instantly if they come into contact with it.

✖️ Keep away from cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine and tar, both of which are incredibly harmful to your silver. Also keep acid-based things like citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, limes) or vinegar away from your silver if you want to keep it from tarnishing.

✖️ Avoid heat. The more your silver is exposed to high temperatures, the more likely it will tarnish. It should be fine in a home environment because most homes do not reach high temperatures. Also, avoid putting silver directly next to a radiator as this could cause the silver to change color with time.

✖️ Keep away from bleach. No matter what kind of silver you have, do not let it come into contact with bleach because the chemical reaction can discolor your silver.

✖️ Minimize exposure of your jewelry to air pollution and smog. Air pollution contains sulfur and other chemical substances which make silver tarnish quickly.

✖️ If you really want to keep your silver from tarnishing, invest in a jewelry box that has non-tarnish materials inside of it or purchase a special airtight container for storing your silver jewelry in. These are great ways to protect your silver and prevent it from tarnishing due to moisture..

✖️ Avoid exposing your silver jewelry pieces to the sun or leaving it in the car. The sun's rays can turn silver a dark color if you leave it outside for long periods of time and being in a car's closed up environment is not good for silver at all.

✖️ Don't store your silver jewelry pieces with other metals. Storing silver with other jewelry metals (like copper) can cause tarnishing since some of these metals are oxidizers and will cause your silver to tarnish. If you do mix jewelry metals in storage, be sure they're all non-oxidizing metals like sterling silver and gold.

In conclusion, there are many different methods of protecting and cleaning silver, while also making sure it stays shiny and bright. The most important step is to be mindful of how you treat your silver - remember that tarnishing is an inevitable thing if you are not careful!