How to Pack Jewelry for a Cruise


What jewelry to pack for a cruise depends on a number of factors like activities, destination and weather. Cruises are typically more formal than other vacations, but there can be some variation. While fancy jewelry may not be appropriate everywhere on the ship, many cruisers choose to pack something special for evening occasions.


Consider the Cruise Activities


Cruise ships often stop at various destinations and allow the guests to wander on their own before returning to the ship. For this reason, it's good to pack clothing and accessories that are appropriate for both onboard activities and shore excursions. This means dressing lightly in case it gets hot enough onshore for a swim, but also packing formal outfits like cocktail dresses or skirts-and-blouses combinations suitable for dinner with show entertainment.

If it's casual, then you probably don't want to wear your diamond pendant necklace while strolling through a beach in the Cayman Islands because you might lose it. But if it's formal evening dining, where you'll be dressing up, then you'll want to bring your diamond pendant necklace and some diamond studs.

If you're taking a summertime trip to the Caribbean and you know you'll be doing water sports, then pack swimsuit necklaces. These are necklaces with charms in the form of seashells or other nautical items to wear while snorkeling. A waterproof watch is a good idea, too.


Stick to Lightweight Jewelry


If it's a warm-weather cruise, then you might want to choose lightweight jewelry that doesn't feel too heavy or cumbersome. For example, if the weather is going to be warm and humid, then there's no need for a thick gold chain. In addition, if the heat is going to make your hands feel sticky and sweaty, it's not very comfortable to wear heavy rings. When it comes to cruise ship jewelry, try to pack lightweight jewelry that doesn't feel bulky.


Skip the Expensive Baubles


If you're planning on doing lots of shopping, then you might want to skip the fine jewelry and pack a few inexpensive pieces. If you lose something expensive while jet skiing and diving off the side of your boat or if your ring falls into some murky water where you can't see it - that's just too depressing! Skip the fancy jewelry, it's better to bring along something that won't break the bank if you do happen to lose it.


Jewelry to Avoid on Cruise Ships


Gold jewelry on cruise ships is probably a bad idea; it's too heavy and can get very hot in the sun. That means no necklaces, bracelets, watches (unless waterproof) and rings. Never wear your most expensive pieces because they will attract thieves, who target cruisers on vacation with their families! Jewelry on cruise ships is best left light, cool and very inexpensive.


How to Pack Jewelry for a Cruise


Before packing your cruise ship jewelry, remember to take into account the size of your suitcase. You want to bring enough jewelry, but you don't want it to be too heavy or bulky. Similarly, make sure to pack each jewelry piece in an individual fabric bag. It's important to keep all of your jewelry and accessories in their own bags so they don't end up scratching each other.

A jewelry box is a great idea, too. If you're going on a cruise and bringing jewelry along that you want to keep safe and secure, then placing your gems in a special jewelry box or case is very wise. Look for a jewelry box with different compartments for different types of jewelry. For example, one compartment for earrings, another for necklaces and rings, etc. Don't forget to pack the jewelry box in your suitcase, too!


Pack Your Jewelry in a Separate Luggage


When packing jewelry for a trip, you should keep your cruise jewelry separate from the rest of your belongings. That way, you'll be able to find it more easily when you're ready to get dressed for dinner. Separating your bag of clothing and accessories into categories that are easy-to-find will make your life easier.


Pack Your Cruise Jewelry in a Way That It Won't Get Lost


Putting small items into plastic bags, along with an index card that says what's inside, is very helpful when traveling. This way, you won't have to dump all of your luggage onto the bed or floor trying to find that diamond stud earring you were looking for.


Arrive With Your Plan in Place


Cruise ships typically have evening dining, so if you're bringing along some special jewelry pieces to wear for dinner, then be sure to plan that into your trip. Pack the dresses and outfits you'll need along with your jewelry. Look through magazines or do an Internet search for ideas on what you might want to wear. Pack accordingly, and you'll have a great trip with lovely memories that include your special jewelry pieces - the ones that tell a story about where you've been or who was with you on that vacation.




When packing jewelry for a trip, it's okay to bring along those expensive pieces of diamond jewelry if it makes you happy. Just make sure to pack it carefully, and don't bring more than is reasonable. If you're bringing along family heirlooms or fine jewelry that has special meaning to you, then go ahead and pack those items too. Just make sure they are packed securely so nothing gets damaged on the trip!