How to Find the Perfect Birthday Jewelry

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It's your friend or loved one's birthday and you're stumped on how to pick the perfect gift. A piece of jewelry is always a great go-to for just about any birthday present, but it can be difficult to determine exactly what type of jewelry you should go with.

To help with this dilemma, here are ten tips for choosing the perfect jewelry gift for a birthday...

1. Determine her style. The first step in buying the perfect jewelry gift is to determine what kind of style she currently wears. This doesn't mean knowing her favorite color, it means knowing she wears gold, silver or rose gold. Does she prefer bold enamel designs or simple, elegant designs? Does she like delicate pieces or bolder pieces? Knowing exactly what kind of style your gift recipient prefers will make buying them a birthday gift much easier!

2. Find out her favorite jewelry piece. Before you can buy the perfect gift, you need to know what her all-time favorite piece of jewelry is. What is it she wears almost every day? If your gift recipient has a specific necklace or bracelet she wears constantly, there's a good chance she'll like something similar for her birthday.

3. Choose based on the milestone. For birthdays, there's no better gift to give than one that has special meaning behind it. You can choose an accessory related to the milestone they've reached, such as a charm bracelet for your sister's sweet 16th or a new pair of stud earrings for her new job.

4. Don't worry about price range. One mistake people make when choosing birthday jewelry is thinking that there's an "expensive" or "cheap" option. You can find great gifts for any type of budget, so don't limit yourself!

5. Match the accessory to her interests. The best accessories are those that mean something to the receiver of your gift, such as a new piece of jewelry with an inspirational message related to their favorite song or book. Choose a necklace with a love-inspired charm or stud earrings featuring words like "Believe in Your Dreams."

6. Keep it practical. This is probably the most overlooked advice when choosing jewelry gifts. If you're buying jewelry just to buy something, your gift will not be appreciated as much as another gift would be. So keep this tip in mind: think about what they would need! They will love a pair of studs for everyday accessorizing or a matching necklace and ring set for their upcoming wedding.

7. Give a sentimental gift. If you want to take things to the next level, give your loved one a piece of jewelry that has some special meaning behind it! You can find anything from necklaces stamped with their birthstone to sterling silver rings engraved with their initials. The possibilities are endless!

8. Customize it for them. This tip means getting a piece of jewelry that you know they will love, not just something that looks good to the untrained eye. For example, if you know your friend loves hearts and stars, buy her some heart studs or star earrings! The personalized element will make your gift even more special and appreciated.

9. Ask your gift recipient's friends. Not sure what to get? You can always ask the person you're buying for! They'll be happy to share their style and interests with you, which will make choosing a piece of jewelry much easier.

10. Don't stress about it. This might sound like a weird tip, but it's true! If you're stressed out about getting the perfect birthday gift, your loved one will sense this and be less excited about receiving a present from you. So try to relax and enjoy the process of giving a great gift!

In conclusion, follow all of these tips and you're guaranteed to find the perfect birthday gift for your friend or family member!