How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Holiday Parties


Now that the weather is colder and holiday parties are just around the corner, it's time to find the perfect outfit. Of course, you want to look your best for every occasion so let's talk jewelry. You might think that all you need is your favorite necklace, but we want to share with you some tips on how to choose the perfect jewelry for holiday parties.


1. Punch Up a Basic Black Outfit with Colorful Stackable Bracelets


A holiday party is a great time to play with color. But if you're going to take the leap and leave your usual "all black everything" comfort zone, make sure you still look polished--not like Santa's elves. Lucky for you, colorful stackable bracelets are back in style this season and they're just as versatile as ever.

The trick to wearing more than one is striking the right balance. If you go with two, make sure they're different enough that your wrist looks intentional--a mix of shapes (balls and circles) or colors (green and blue) will do the trick. But if you want to get more crazy, go for three or four (we won't tell).

Just remember to keep the stacking tight so you don't look like a colorful tangle of Christmas lights.


2. Rock Bold Statement Earrings with a Formal Dress


You may not typically wear big earrings with your standard work dress, but around the holiday season is the perfect time to break out those statement pieces! Flaunt them at holiday parties to make formal dresses look even more fabulous.


3. Wear an Eye-Catching Statement Necklace with a Little Black Dress


A cute little black dress is a must at holiday parties. It's a classic choice that you don't have to worry about going out of style. So why not add some pizzazz to it with a bold statement necklace? Your LBD might even become your favorite party dress after you give it this little holiday update.


4. Get Festive with Jewel Tones

Jewel tones like emerald-green, sapphire blue and ruby-red are the perfect colors to wear during the holiday season. They provide a luxurious touch to your outfit without overdoing it, which is why they are easily worn with any type of ensemble. You can even mix and match different jewels tones together to create a unique look.

Jewel tones are also great to make you shine brighter, especially if repeated in your makeup look.


5. Go Big or Go Home with Giant Earrings


So you've already got a killer outfit and some killer shoes to go with it, but the jewelry just isn't doing it for you. That's when it's time to bring out the big guns. Giant earrings are quite popular on New Year's Eve and they're sure to add a nice finishing touch to your look.

There are thousands of different kinds of earrings to choose from, so the trick is figuring out which ones work with your outfit. If you're not sure about how big is too big when it comes to jewelry, think about your hair and makeup. Are you going with a sleek, high bun? Go for some big, long earrings that will look gorgeous when juxtaposed against your high ponytail. If you're sticking with the tried-and-true down do for New Year's Eve, or even if you're wearing your hair in loose waves like Emma Stone usually does then opt for a shorter, chunkier earring.


6. Bring Out the Metallics


Metallics can be a really nice touch and accessorizing with gold and silver tones is always a good idea during the holidays. Choose a metallic shoe to match your outfit and add a silver or gold necklace to give it an extra touch.


7. Get Ready for Cocktail Hour with Gorgeous Rings


Choose one ring that stands out; whether for its vibrant color, elaborate setting, unique texture or otherwise. This ring piece is your statement maker and will require most of your attention when putting together an outfit.

If you are planning on wearing more than one statement ring, make sure to choose a common accent stone or similar color tones. This way, they go together without becoming too matchy-matchy and creating an overwhelming look. Additionally, if your statement ring is large and covers most of your finger, you may want to choose a thin band or less bulky piece as your other ring. This will balance the overall look.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, we hope these ideas have put some fun into your holiday party planning! Whether you're attending a work soiree or celebrating with friends, there are lots of great ways to update your look for the season. So have fun with it and show off your holiday spirit. Best of luck!