How to Accessorize in St. Tropez


When traveling to St. Tropez, it is important to know how to accessorize with jewelry in order to look your best. While the weather and scenery are beautiful, it's also important to dress the part! Here are a few tips on how to make your wardrobe work for you while in St. Tropez.


First, Where is St Tropez?

St Tropez is a small town located on the French Riviera in southeastern France, known for its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, and celebrity residents.

Now that we know where St Tropez is, let's move on to how to accessorize while in this chic destination.


Don’t let the weight of your jewelry keep you from feeling light.

Stick to light and airy pieces: Since the weather is usually hot and sunny in St. Tropez, it's best to choose light jewelry that won't weigh you down. Instead, opt for light jewelry materials that will help keep you cool and comfortable during your stay.

You never know when you'll want to stroll through the lovely St Tropez beaches or do some shopping in the charming St Tropez streets, so it's important to prepare with the right jewelry.

Also, delicate jewelry retains a certain degree of effortless elegance and natural sophistication that heavy jewelry doesn't have.


It's time to lighten up and brighten up with colorful jewels

Wear bright colors: The French Riviera is known for its beautiful blue waters and bright, sunny sky which means that your jewelry should reflect the vibrant environment. While you enjoy your time in St Tropez, stick to blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and other primary colors that will complement the area. We especially love blue pavé huggies for a day by the water.

Colorful jewels are perfect for making a statement and drawing attention to your outfits. We love to layer on the colors, especially at night when the town comes alive. Silver and gold are always classic jewelry options, but don't be afraid to add some pops of color too.


If you're wearing gold, you’re always on the right track.

Since the St. Tropez area is often considered high-end, it's essential to reflect this in your jewelry choices. Wearing gold jewelry pieces will only add to the sophisticated atmosphere.

Whether you travel from Nice to St Tropez, New York to St Tropez, or any other destination, gold jewelry always translates well. It is one of those universal signals for poshness.


Our advice? Accessorize with your ensemble in mind

Since so many vacationers visit the French Riviera in casual resort wear, it's essential to figure out what types of jewelry will work with your outfits. In general, wearing gold jewelry pieces is a safe bet for daytime attire while visiting the many tourist attractions in St Tropez.

Stop saving your best pieces for special occasions. Slip a diamond on and make an evening activity special. Statement jewelry or pieces with sparkle are also appropriate to add a little bit of glamour to your look.


We believe in the power of simplicity. Let the jewelry speak for itself

While visiting the beach clubs in St Tropez, France, don't forget to stop by the infamous Club 55. An iconic venue where Bridgette Bardot filmed the flick "And God Created Woman." Club 55 practically placed St. Tropez on the "it" map of places to visit.

With such a beautiful and relaxed setting, there's no need to overdo it with your St. Tropez jewelry choices. Instead, simple Jewelry pieces in classic shapes and styles (think pavé huggies, tube hoops, and dainty ring sets) will let the scenery speak for itself.

Plus, your St. Tropez jewelry is less likely to get lost stolen, especially if it's on the simpler side while you're out and about exploring the area. So when it comes to accessorizing in St. Tropez, less is more.



Accessorizing while in St. Tropez is all about having fun with your outfits and adding a touch of luxury. You'll want to choose pieces that reflect the Mediterranean atmosphere and compliment your tan.

Whether you're planning a trip to the French Riviera or want to add a little je ne sais quoi to your style, following these tips on how to accessorize in St. Tropez will ensure that you look chic and feel confident throughout your vacation. With the right jewelry, you'll be sure to turn heads and enjoy your time in this beautiful area.

Bon voyage!