How Often Should You Clean Jewelry?


Jewelry comes in a wide variety of materials, from plastic to gold. Each material needs to be cared for appropriately so that it can continue to look beautiful and last a long time. One of the most important things to remember when caring for your jewelry is remembering how often you need to clean it. A too-frequent cleaning schedule could damage it forever, while the right one could make it sparkle like new. The following guide will help you determine how often you should clean your different pieces of jewelry.



Cleaning your jewelry is an important part of maintaining it. Here are signs that indicate when your jewelry might need cleaning:

  1. Visible discoloration or tarnishing, as well as streaking, is a sign that you need to clean your jewelry.
  2. Over time, exposure to elements and other environmental factors will cause your jewelry to develop a slight haze that makes it appear less shiny. This cloudiness happens when oxidation occurs at high temperatures.
  3. Your diamond or gemstone has lost its luster. This is due to air pollution, dust, lotions and other environmental conditions that affect the stone's ability to shine.
  4. Slight scratches indicate that your jewelry needs cleaning or polishing.



Different types of jewelry require different care; therefore, the schedule for cleaning your pieces will depend on the type of metal, stone and use.

For example:

  1. Pearl jewelry should be wiped down with a soft cloth after every use to prevent the buildup of oils.
  2. To maintain the look of diamond jewelry and keep germs at bay, you should gently clean your diamonds every two weeks with soap and water.
  3. Frequently worn everyday pieces require more attention a.k.a cleaning than seldom worn pieces.



Once you've established a regular cleaning regimen, make sure to clean your precious metals carefully to prevent damage. There are several different ways that you can clean jewelry.

A. Ultrasonic Cleaning

If you prefer a more powerful approach to cleaning, consider using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which uses steam and sound waves to clean jewelry. While cleaning a ring makes it look beautiful and sparkly, steam and ultrasonic cleaners used every day can cause unnecessary wear on your ring and even make side stones loose inducing them to fall out. We recommend cleaning your ring and other gem-set jewelry pieces once every two to ten weeks.

Some gems are more brittle, porous, and softer than others. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, heat or vibrations (ultrasonic sound waves). This includes many gems, like emeralds (which are oiled) and opals (which dry out and shatter), pearls (they absorb the liquids, expand, and become brittle), colored diamonds (they can fade and lose their bright colors). Instead, cleaning these gems by hand with mild, all-natural soap and water is totally fine.

B. All-Natural Soap + Soft Brush

For diamonds, a tiny brush with micro-fine cleansers and polymers in the bristles work like magic on diamonds and other precious stones to make them shine like new. Because diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, no amount of scrubbing, rubbing, wiping, brushing, or polishing can harm them. That is what makes diamonds so special. They are highly durable.



Jewelry stores use polishing wheels to buff your goods, making them look brand new. However, this may also scour away a little layer of metal, so it's best to only have it done once or twice a year just in case.

In conclusion, cleaning your jewelry is an important part of maintaining it. Follow the guidelines to determine how frequently you need to clean your jewelry. If you have any questions about your jewelry, consult a professional jeweler.