According to some jewelers, ring resizing can take up to 6 weeks, although many say they can do it in only one week. Why the difference? Well, it comes down to how much work is involved for each type of resize.

1. Design

First, the amount of work involved varies according to the design of the ring. Some bands are more complex than others, with additional design elements such as prongs, bezels and stones. These ring types may require additional work to resize them properly. If there are diamonds on the band or it has previously had repairs then that requires extra time, so that the diamonds or stones don't fall out.

Additionally, bold bands with a thick shank will take longer to resize than a narrow band with a thin shank being sized down. Thicker metals are usually tougher to resize.

2. Sized Up Or Down

Secondly, the length of time required to resize a ring depends on how much the ring needs to be sized up or down. If it's only off by one size, resizing should only take about two weeks. However, if you need your ring resized more than one size larger or smaller, jewelers may have to cut out parts of the ring to make room for the new size, resulting in additional time spent

3. Metal Used

Thirdly, the type of metal used for the ring will also play a part in how long it takes to resize. Some metals are lighter than others, which means they're easier to work with. Likewise, some metals are more durable than others meaning they stretch more before becoming damaged or distorted.



In conclusion, the metal type and design of a ring will play a part in how long it takes to resize. In general, however, the larger the size change needed for your ring, the longer the process will take.