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You hear it mentioned on the TV and you read it online – most businesses are making an initiative to go green. Whether this is through making their methods more environmentally friendly or using more sustainable jewelry materials, it’s something on everyone’s radar.

With so many new sustainability terms emerging almost daily, it is hard to keep track. Luckily, our "Going Green Glossary" below will teach you everything you need to know about the terminology surrounding eco-friendly jewelry.

What is Eco-Friendly Sustainable Jewelry?

Eco-friendly sustainable jewelry uses recycled and natural materials. Any jewelry with small or no impact on the environment, including minimal carbon footprint is eco-friendly.

What is Recycled Metal?

Recycled metal is the process of reusing precious metals. Silver and gold are easily melted and transformed into a new piece of jewelry. Recycled jewelry materials don’t lose their qualities when they’re melted down and reused—which is perfect for the atmosphere (ethical dilemma solved!) and consumer.


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What is Fairtrade Gold?

Fairtrade gold is an artisanal product produced from small-scale miners. Ensuring fairtrade standards, environmental and labor conditions are closely monitored and gold is transparently traceable directly back to the community that mines it.

The Fairtrade movement also provides a social premium that allows miners to improve quality-of-life conditions for themselves and others in their communities.

What are Ethical Gems?

Ethical gems are usually mined in areas where the workers' rights and environmental conditions are not compromised and purchased in a legal and transparent fashion.

High-quality ethically sourced gemstones include those produced by small artisanal mines that use ethical and sustainable methods, such as the use of sustainable energy sources, minimizing waste and ensuring environmentally sound practices.


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What are Non Conflict Diamonds?

Non conflict diamonds refers to diamonds which have not funded civil wars.

What are Responsibly Sourced Diamonds?

Responsibly sourced diamonds go further than conflict free stones. Environmentally friendly diamonds support ethical principles such as fair pay, safe working conditions, environmentally sound practices, etc.

What are Reclaimed Diamonds?

Recycled diamonds a.k.a reclaimed diamonds undergo a process of being repurposed rather than newly mined, thus there’s nearly zero impact on the environment and surrounding communities. In other words, recycled diamonds are environmentally friendly diamonds.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are a highly eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds are precisely identical to mined diamonds with one exception. Lab created diamond creation occurs in laboratories from carbon atoms. They’re physically, optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds.

How Long do Lab Created Diamonds Last?

A lot of people are likely to think that lab diamonds are different from diamonds found in nature. However, this is not accurate. In fact, they are virtually identical and do not differ in any way with regards to their quality or durability.

How Much are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are a great, eco-friendly way to get the diamond you love without paying for the effects of a mined diamond. Lab diamonds are roughly half of the price of natural diamonds.

Do Lab Created Diamonds Test as Real?

Yes, lab grown diamonds test positive on a commercial diamond tester because they're made of crystallized carbon, just as natural diamonds are. With this said, advanced equipment used in laboratories has higher detection capabilities and is able to distinguish between the two.




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It's no secret that jewelry lovers are increasingly interested in buying fair trade, sustainable and ethically sourced jewelry pieces, especially millennials. The fact is that today's jewelry consumers buy much more than a physical product, whether driven by a growing sense of social responsibility, such as a desire to improve the working conditions of miners or an overall concern for the fragile environment. They realize that their purchase is the result of a supply chain.

We hope our "Going Green Glossary" has helped you brush up on your eco-friendly terminology. Have a question that you would like to include? Please email info@bonheurjewelry.com and we will try our best to include it.


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