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Succession's Epic Fashion: How to Get The Look

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Here's what you'll learn in this post:

  • The Roy Family's Style Rules
  • Shiv Roy's Style Evolution
  • Shiv Roy's Wardrobe
  • How to Recreate Shiv Roy's Outfits
  • Wrapping Up



If you're watching HBO's Succession, then you can't help but notice Shiv Rov's (played by Sarah Snook) impeccable sense of style. From her perfectly tailored blazers to her stylish pantsuits, Shiv always looks put together. And while her clothing choices may seem simple, they're actually quite fashion-forward.

So what is Shiv's secret? Well, she has a very talented stylist who helps her choose the perfect outfits for each occasion. And while Shiv's style might not be for everyone, you have to admit that she looks great in everything she wears.

Shiv's style is definitely unique, and it's refreshing to see a character on television who isn't afraid to experiment with her look. So if you're looking for some fashion inspiration, we examine the secret to her insanely cool style below.


First, The Roy Family's Style Rules


First and foremost, certain style guidelines hold true for the entire Roy family, which we should consider before we delve into Shiv Roy's wardrobe to replicate her style.

Michelle Matland, the show's fashion visionary, says she gets her wardrobe inspiration from the glamorous advertising companies on world-famous Madison Avenue rather than the latest collections or magazines. This is the world of generational wealth that the Roy family inhabits, so Michelle Matland took direct cues from what people did and didn't wear in those elite circles.

Madison Avenue represents a specific kind of wealth, and with that comes a certain level of sophistication and pose. For example, the Succession cast never wears prominent logos as emblems of riches and fortune. Because when you are born into one of the world's most famous families, you don't need them. Logos would make the characters look try-hard and nouveau riche. Instead, people in this world prefer wearing their family crests or small monograms on discreet items like cufflinks, lighters, and cigarette cases.

The Succession cast ditches the everyday couture. The Roys prefer to work in beige cashmere sweaters and sophisticated grey button-ups, and they don't dress with much uniqueness or imagination. Money is expected rather than expressed in their culture. You would never see one of the Roy's dressed to the nines in runway garments for a casual dinner. Instead, they spend their money on the fabric and fit of garments rather than a branded piece of clothing.

Instead, the family dresses in super luxurious materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, and top-quality leather. Even when they wear more casual attire such as jeans, they are always seen in the best cuts and washes money can buy. With a pair of dark wash, straight leg denim jeans, and a white tee-shirt, you can never go wrong.

Lastly, the colors mostly associated with the Roy's are greys, beiges, and browns. These colors represent power and sophistication while also appearing effortless.

While the Roy's have a particular style, each family member expresses their individuality through how they put together their looks. So let's take a look at Shiv in particular.


Shiv Roy's Style Evolution


Now that we know a little more about the general style of the Roy family, let's take a closer look at Shiv's.

Shiv did not always dominate the screen with eye-catching and revealing attire. In Succession season one, her style is more subdued as she plays the role of dutiful daughter. She favors classic silhouettes, dark colors, and simple jewelry that does not call too much attention to herself.

Although the dutiful daughter, she begins the show by attempting to distance herself from her father by working in politics, where one's every fashion choices face scrutiny, so we see her wearing conservative outfits and flat shoes or wrapped in a sweater during a family discussion.

While these looks are practical and expected in the political realm, Shiv quickly realizes that they do not work for her. She is uncomfortable in her own skin and does not feel like her true self. In an attempt to find herself, she starts to experiment with her style, wearing sexier and more revealing clothing. This allows her to feel more confident and in control.

Things shift for her by the second season, and she swaps these conventional items with softly provocative polo necks that are both practical and display off Sarah Snook's figure. Power suits that wouldn't look out of place in Michelle Obama's closet and high-waisted pants inspired by Katherine Hepburn.


Shiv Roy's Wardrobe

Shiv's wardrobe is chic and well put-together, with just the right touches of edge. On some occasions, she favors heels because she wants to seem taller than her older brothers. "It also helps when you're walking on cobblestone," Snook says about Shiv's choice in footwear. Indeed, there are a lot of cobblestones on the show. "She also likes to wear black, and she's practically always in flats," says Snook about her character's wardrobe choices. "Black is a power color." The actress also notes that Shiv wears mostly designer pieces with a few high-street items mixed in here or there. Lavin, Saint Laurent, Gabriela Hearst, and Bonheur Jewelry are among the featured brands.

In Succession season one, costume designer Michelle Matland dresses Shiv for an apple picking outing in a patterned sweater, subtle sneakers, a baseball cap, and the Noreis Gold Collar Statement Necklace by Bonheur. It makes an elegant comment about her personality with its bold golden shine and intricate detailing. The gold collar necklace reads as playful and elegant, making it suitable for formal occasions and everyday wear. It reflects her playful personality while staying sleek enough to complement her more serious looks. She is also wearing the Anais Pave Crystal Stud Earrings by Bonheur, demonstrating how to wear statement earrings without going overboard and risking looking overdone or unimaginative.

In another scene, Shiv is wearing a fitted black blazer and trousers from Lavin. The tailored outfit shows her strong and professional side, while the addition of a simple white t-shirt makes her look relatable and down-to-earth. This juxtaposition makes Shiv's style so interesting--she can dress up or down depending on her mood but always looks polished.


How to Recreate Shiv Roy's Outfits

Although Shiv's style is constantly evolving, some key elements remain consistent throughout the seasons. If you want to recreate her looks, here are some tips:

  1. To start, choose pieces that are high-quality and well-made. Shiv often wears designer clothes, aiming for a few pieces from Saint Laurent and Celine brands. However, you don't need to break the bank to recreate her style. Find timeless pieces that will last you for years to come.
  2. Second, focus on fit. Shiv's clothes are always well-tailored and fit her perfectly. This perfect fit is important because it allows her to look put together without appearing too overdressed or flashy.
  3. Next, focus on incorporating exciting textures and patterns into your outfit. Shiv is known for her eclectic style, mixing and matching different prints and fabrics to create a unique look.
  4. Accessorize with care. Less is more when it comes to jewelry and other accessories. Shiv often wears understated pieces that complement her outfit without overshadowing it.
  5. Finally, don't be afraid to experiment. Shiv's style is constantly evolving, and she is always trying new things. Be open to trying new trends and looks, and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd just like Shiv.

Wrapping Up


Shiv Roy is a fashion icon for the modern age. She knows how to dress for any occasion, and her style is always evolving. So if you want to recreate her looks, focus on high-quality pieces that fit well, incorporate exciting textures and patterns, and accessorize with care. Most importantly, don't be afraid to experiment. With Shiv as your inspiration, you're sure to turn heads no matter where you go.