Many people have asked if natural brown diamonds really exist and interestingly enough the answer is Yes! Here are some fun facts about these exotic gems!


1. Brown diamonds are one of the most abundant types of colored diamonds, ranking second only to yellow ones.

2. In the diamond business, brown diamonds go by many names:

-Champagne diamonds are the lightest form of brown. Champagne diamonds are pale, yellow-brown stones.

-Cognac diamonds are deep, rich brown color similar to a glass of cognac. Instead of a yellow tint, cognac diamonds have a deep orange or red hue in it

-Chocolate diamonds are dark brown diamonds.

3. It’s also important to mention that these stones occasionally feature a secondary color, usually yellow, orange or green. Unlike other colored diamonds, however, where secondary color hues are usually undesirable, in brown diamonds having a secondary green or orange color makes them more valuable.

4. The presence of nitrogen creates a brown diamond's color (this is also what gives a yellow diamond its hue). Enough nitrogen molecules in a diamond plus a bit of light absorbed through some structural defects during the formation of the stone’s crystal lattice and viola! The result is a beautiful brown diamond.

5. Like white diamonds, champagne diamonds rank a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making them the most durable stones in the world.

6. All over the world, including in the famous Argyle mine in Australia and South Africa, brown diamonds are found.

7. Around 15% of all mined diamonds are brown.

8. Even though brown diamonds are rarer, they actually cost less than white diamonds.

9. The most costly brown diamonds are the dark brown diamonds known as chocolate diamonds.

10. Brown tourmaline, brown topaz, brown citrine, andalusite and smoky quartz are the closest natural alternatives to brown diamonds.


In conclusion, brown diamonds are extremely rare, durable and have a beautiful color range that goes from light brown to dark chocolate. We hope you have enjoyed this article on fun facts about brown diamonds!

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