Many people have asked if natural black diamonds really exist and interestingly enough the answer is Yes! Here are some fun facts about these exotic, dark gems!


1. Black diamonds are diamonds with a very high number of inclusions. While inclusions on a regular white or colorless diamond may show up as tiny dark specks, at extremely high levels, the diamond appears completely black. Thus, you have a beautiful, black diamond.

2. Compared to other fancy colored diamonds with pink or green hues, black diamond jewels aren’t as rare but that doesn’t mean that these stones are easily found in mines around the world. In fact, natural black diamonds are only found in Brazil and central Africa.

3. Natural black diamonds are also referred to as “carbonados diamonds”. This term comes from the Portuguese for the way black diamonds look burnt or carbonized in appearance, like porous charcoal.

4. Generally speaking, black diamonds cost way less than white diamonds. This is because the demand for black diamonds is less than white diamonds.

5. Raw black diamonds are found in Alluvial deposits. Diamonds are mostly formed in Kimberly deposits, but only near Alluvial deposits can you discover raw black diamonds. These are deposits and sediments formed by some running source of water or a river.

6. Larger, black diamonds are really made up of millions of tiny black crystals. Traditionally, diamonds are a single, solid stone, but black diamonds are bound together by internal inclusions that hold millions of smaller pieces together. This is known as a polycrystalline structure and it is what gives them their color and the reason spots can appear dark grey.

7. Black Diamonds don’t shine usually. They absorb light rather than reflecting it, so the appearance of their reflection comes from their surface, which is polished to resemble a marble stone.

8. Everyone knows that diamond jewels, in general, are very hard and very durable, but black diamonds are really tough. Black diamonds are exceedingly hard, with a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which means they're tough to cut and require a highly trained diamond cutter to do so successfully.

9. Did you know that the ‘colored diamond’ for the Scorpio zodiac sign is a black diamond? While yellow diamonds are assigned to Gemini, who are considered to be sociable and positive, and pink diamonds are matched with Taurians known for their sensual natures, black diamonds complement Scorpio babies. This is due to Scorpio's reputation as the most intense of all zodiacs. The star sign, like black diamonds, is known for its mythical origins, which adds to their mystique.

10. Black Orlov – Perhaps the most famous black gemstone of all time, the Black Orlov is a 67.50 carat cushion cut diamond. It was carved out from a sacred statue in a Hindu temple located in South India.

11. The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond, the world's largest polished black diamond, weighing in at 312.24ct. The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond is named after the Swiss cutter who refined the stone.