You know how diamonds are both a girl’s best friend and Mother Nature's best creations? Here are 10 things you might not know about diamonds.


#1 The word diamond is from the Greek word adamas meaning invincible.


#2 Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance.


#3 Diamonds are found on every continent in the world (even Antarctica).


#4 Diamonds may sparkle and shine but they are actually made from carbon (coal, graphite and soot).


#5 A diamond can cut through glass.


#6 Diamond prices have increased annually by 2% since 2000.


#7 Diamonds can conduct electricity.


#8 Lesedi la Rona and the largest diamond ever found. It is over 3,000 carats!


#9 Diamonds exhibit fluorescence under ultraviolet light.


#10 The Hope Diamond is the rarest of all diamonds, it's 45.5 carats (1.54 ounces), the 6th largest diamond ever found, it's valued at $350 million, and it's been stolen 4 times. So what is the most expensive diamond in the world? As you may have guessed, it's the hope diamond